Friday, January 25, 2008


Take a look at that picture there. See anything special? (Besides the sheer awesomeness of Sam? And the ridiculous blurriness of the shot?) Yep, he has an orange stripe on his belt. He's moving up in the karate world!

Now he only has, like, 18 more colors to go!

Today was Sam's graduation ceremony to get his new belt. Quinn dressed for the occasion:

(Incidentally, that's what he was supposed to wear for Halloween. There's nothing to call attention to yourself quite like wearing a duck head in January.)

I was a little nervous about dragging Jack and Quinn to the graduation because usually we sit in the lobby, out of earshot of the classes. But if I wanted to see Sam get his new belt, I was gonna have to take 'em in to the observers' chairs.

They were not super well behaved. Fortunately the teacher wanted all of us to be as loud as possible and keep the energy level up, so we were less noticeable than we would have been in a normal class.

The kids who were getting new belts did some demos of their kicks and punches and yelling ("Pay!" "Ai-yah!" "Ai-yah!") Then the black belters did a demo. It was really cool. Those folks can do some pretty neat stuff.

Oddly, Quinn didn't even look up from the book he was coloring in. Jack, on the other hand, was really excited. The demo team did a lot of shouting "Ai-yah!" Soon, Jack was yelling it at the top of his lungs too. Over and over and over and even after the demo was over.

The teacher presented ("Ai-yah!") the kids with their new ("Ai-yah!) belts one by one as everyone ("Ai-yah!") cheered them on. Sam was ("Ai-yah!) really ("Ai-yah!) proud. This is him ("Ai-yah!) getting his new ("Ai-yah!) belt. ("Ai-yah!)

Then it was just a short matter of spending twenty minutes making Sam change back into his street clothes and physically restraining the other kids from being such lunatics that we wouldn't be invited back. And Sam's teacher called me "ma'am." That part was a little sad.

It's fun to watch Sam get really excited about learning and progressing in something. He's already discarded a photo to make a space for a picture of all the graduates in his photo book. He's told me before that he wants to be a black belt. And now he's telling me he wants to move up to the junior class so he can be an assistant teacher.

I think signing him up may have been the right choice.


  1. "Ai-yah!" Congratulations Sam!


  2. Fabulous! I for one love blurry pictures.
    BEst wishes

  3. yeah for Sam! How exciting! And I couldn't think of anything better than wearing a Duck head to celebrate. And you know, I'm right there with you as far as costumes way after halloween:

  4. Way to go Sam!

    We tried karate last year but SB couldn't handle all the noise and was disturbed by what he perceived as all the "violence". He is considering giving it another shot. I really think it would be good for him.

  5. I think the duck head makes and excellent fashion statement. Congratulations tough guy!

  6. Way to go, Sam! And hey, duck heads are *always* long as you don't wear them with white shoes after Labor Day. ;-)

  7. I had trouble reading this post after I read "There's nothing to call attention to yourself quite like wearing a duck head in January." Lol!
    I love how you let them be themselves, even if it makes dopes like me laugh till I cried.
    Yay Sam - and hey - where'd all his teeth go??

  8. BetteJo: Freakiest thing. He put those teeth under his pillow and this chick with a sparkly wand and a tutu came in and took 'em. She did leave him a dollar for each of them at least.

  9. Good for him! Congrats!!!

    We're signing Sunshine for dance class in a few months, I am hoping for a similar reaction from her!

  10. "Quinn dressed for the occasion:"

    Bwaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaa!!

    Too used to dress as a PowerRanger.

    She is now a black belt.

    Congratulations Sam!

  11. Duck head, very chic. I think Sam's missing teeth make him look like an even more formidable fighter.


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