Friday, January 4, 2008


I know this is something that has never happened to anyone else because my children are particularly aggravating, but cleaning and organizing with a two- and a four-year-old around? Dude, it totally sucks.

Because I just put that puzzle away and those marbles? See, I just put them in that bucket so they wouldn't roll all over the floor. And I put all the books on the bookshelf, big ones on the bottom, little ones on the top.

And don't you know that once I organize and put all the new Christmas toys away where they're supposed to go, you're never allowed to play with them again?

And then one of your children puts a studded belt around his neck and says, "I a dog," and it's just so cute, so you forgive him.

And then, like five minutes later, he's emptied out a box of tiny cars and you never want to speak to him again.

I hate cleaning.


  1. It's like filling a basket with water. Too hard to get the job done - everything leaks out.

    I'm visiting the blogs of people that posted on my sight and inviting them to sign up for a give-away I am having. No gimicks - just fun. It's my way of celebrating one year of blogging.

  2. Yep. I know that feeling!!


    I can not wait until my 3 are old enough to clean themselves.

  3. AS I am trying to clean for the boys' birthday party (lots of family coming over), I totally get what you're saying. I say my boys have the gift of undoing, the gift that keeps on giving!

  4. You've just described my house. Add to that, right now we're in the middle of a kitchen remodel and it sucks. My house is covered in a thin layer of dust, my kitchen is unusable, I'm bitchy, my kids are driving me crazy, and nothing in this house is where it's supposed to me. I'm trying very hard to be patient.

  5. Cleaning sucks. You do it and everything is sparkling and beautiful and you turn around and it's a mess again. And then you watch Jon and Kate plus eight - and she washes her hardwood floors 3 times a day on her hands and knees with EIGHT KIDS running around!
    It's so not fair.

  6. Yesterday in 100F heat I scrubbed the bathroom. The toilet was BROWN after a midnight rampage from Boo.

    And then in a fit of domesticacy I cleaned the bath and the basins and the floor and.... well you know where this is going.

    I forgot to hide the toothpaste.

    Better than poo to clean up though!

  7. I love it, the "gift of undoing."

    Yep, at least I'm not remodeling anything. I don't think my family would live through that. Good luck, Kelly.

    Ah, toothpaste, the scourge of clean bathrooms everywhere. At least it's minty fresh, right?

    Bettejo, I've never seen that show, but if she washes her floor three times a day, let alone with six kids and on her hands and knees, I think it might just make me feel bad about myself. :)

  8. UGH, I have picked up my livingroom 4 times today. And it's a wreck again!


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