Monday, January 28, 2008

Rachael Ray and I Are Going To Have Some Fucking Words.

It's no secret that Jack doesn't like to eat, well, food. And although I know little to nothing about Rachael Ray, I couldn't very well NOT buy this cookbook, what with her guarantee and all.

Mmmmmm hmmmm.

Now the Fake-Baked Ziti was very good and Sam did inhale it. But Sam would also have inhaled spaghetti and I wouldn't have had to grate three types of cheese and make a cream sauce for that.

I think it goes without saying that Ms. Ray should get an acerbic note from me letting her know that her cooking simply did not pass muster with Jack. And, you know, that's cool and all 'cause he probably wouldn't eat anything from any other cookbook either, but none of those other cookbooks betrayed me with a promise.

So, how should I word my completely irrational, irate, and never-to-be-sent letter to Ms. I'll-Make-Bold-Claims-That-Will-Be-Completely-Disproved-the-First-Time-You-Use-My-Cookbook? I encourage the use of curse words.


  1. Mealtimes is the worst time at my house. If I hear "have I had this before? Did I like it?" one more time, I may just need to be put away for good!

  2. That's my favorite: Did I like it? Could these children of ours be any more ridiculous?

  3. You know, you can make real baked ziti without grating any cheese and without a white sauce and Jack would still probably not eat it. Just feed him golden colored foods and he will grow up just fine. My brother did.

  4. Eeek...note to self: Don't piss off Stimey! :)

    My kids go in fits and starts with eating great then eating nothing...I just give them a daily vitamin and hope for the best.

  5. Wow - what are you like when you're pissed? :)

    I think my kids lived on cheese until they were 7 years old. Trying to get them to eat what's good for them - or even just a variety of foods - can be hell.

  6. I suppose I should clarify that I'm not going to start stalking Rachael Ray and asking for a refund or a chunk of her heart or anything. I was just using a little hyperbole to illustrate how ridiculous it is to guarantee such a silly thing.

    It sounded breezy and fun in my head. I wonder if the judge who grants the restraining order against me will feel the same way.

  7. Now I have to admit, I'm a huge Rachael Ray fan...I have all of her cookbooks. But even I have to admit the kids cookbook isn't the most practical. Have you tried The Sneaky Chef by Lapine or Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. I have both books and haven't read through them but have tried some recipes that a friend made. Just a thought.

  8. Oh, you've got one of those, too? Ben will eat nothing out of a cookbook. Actually, Ben will eat nothing. Period.

  9. Andy's OT gave me an article today about picky eating and getting picky eaters to eat. It boiled down to ignore the tantrums, supplement with vitamins, and put food in front of the child.

    Oh, ha ha ha.

  10. Oh *swoon*

    I love it when you go all potty mouthed on us.

    Want to borrow my heels?

    Smootch babe. Boo is 9 and has just discovered hot dogs. He is in lurve. Now that makes 10 things he will eat! 5 of those being fruit.

  11. Ha! Maybe we can tag team her!

  12. My MIL gave me this book last year. One skim through it and it was obvious Rachael Ray does not feed small children on a regular basis. It went in the Value Village bag. Maybe a family with kids who have more adventurous appetites could use it.

  13. Kelly, I do have the Sneaky Chef. I just haven't opened it. Maybe someday soon.

    SM, Kelley, and Joeymom, I keep hoping that when they get older that maybe they'll eat better. Fingers crossed! Oh, and Kelley, if I borrowed your beautiful heels, I'd probably fall over. I always admire women who can parent in heels.

    Ange, I knew you'd be on my side! I remembered your post when I wrote this.

  14. Oh, you so need to send a letter. Perfect DCMMBlog fodder?

    (Wondering if I can NAME three kinds of cheese, much less grate them for a single meal. I'd probably take the tips of my fingers off if I tried.)

  15. Be careful about getting on Rachel Ray's bad side, Stimey.

    She's taking over the world, I think.


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