WhyMommy Update

I got a phone message from WonderDaddy this morning at 9:45. He wanted us all to know that Susan would be starting surgery in the next few minutes and that it would last until late afternon.

I will let you know as soon as I hear anything else. Join me in sending your good thoughts to her and her family.

10 thoughts on “WhyMommy Update

  1. Thanks so much.

    Yikes! I know she said it was long, but I’m surprised. (and frankly I’m surprised it started so late…) Sending thoughts to the whole family.

    Thanks for being our link!

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted. I joined twitter today just to follow her today. I’m hoping this goes really smoothly and they get every bit!

  3. Dearest WhyMommy, everyone’s favorite ibc advocate,
    I’m so happy to hear that your much anticipated surgery is now over and you are that much closer to being healthier than you have been. All the Inflammatory breast advocates join me in wishing you a speedy recovery. Lots of love and gentle hugs …..Mare

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