Jack’s Friend

Jack has had little to no interest in other children for quite a long time. But in the past week, he has suddenly decided that A, a girl he has known since he was one year old, who is in his preschool class, and whom he has mostly ignored for three and a half years, is THE person to know.

He and I were in the classroom today before school because I was co-oping. When she walked into the room, his face LIT up. And I need those capital letters, because when I say his face lit up, it was really like his whole damn body lit up.

He came running over to her and gave her a hug. Then he played with her until class started.

Fortunately, A is just about the most wonderful kid on earth. (Other than my kids, of course.) She is so sweet and laid back (at least in public&#8212her mom may have other thoughts) and she seems to like Jack as well.

I always read that children don’t need a lot of friends. They just need one good friend. And I love that Jack is developing the ability to make a good friend.

16 thoughts on “Jack’s Friend

  1. That is a BEAUTIFUL photo that illustrates the power of friendship, no matter the age or gender. Jack is special, and his special qualities are obvious to A. Thank you so much for sharing that photo with your blog fans. And just how hard was it to think “photo” when you probably wanted only to enjoy that moment? Stimey, that is a photo for the ages. Niksmom used the word “awesome,” and she is right!
    <3 it!--Zoomer (I couldn't get this to post my name, so I used anonymous. Sorry!)

  2. It’s amazing the relationships these little guys can have at such a young age. Not to mention preference. There are kids in Alex’s class that he just outright doesn’t care for for one reason or another and a few that he “loves” as he tells me. They are so funny.

  3. Ohhh…so sweet, even just the backview…

    that’s right, kids (or adults) don’t really need a whole class of friends, but just the one, that particular one, he can say “She’s my friend”.

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