Sunday, February 10, 2008


We had a little bit of a wind storm today in my neck of the woods. And that's a little bit of an understatement.

I was trying to get some work done and Alex had taken the kids to the hardware store. I was happily typing away on my computer listening to the wind outside. I heard a loud bang and there was a short flicker of the lights.

Happy that our power hadn't gone out, I continued working. I ignored our 50-pound dog when she tried to climb into my lap. "There's trouble afoot!" she seemed to be saying.

I should have listened.

A few minutes later I heard an urgent rapping at my side door. One of my neighbors from down the street was there and when I opened the door, he gestured frantically, saying, "You need to come out here."

You want to know what he wanted to show me, you say? It was this:

Yep, a giant GIANT limb from one of our trees had fallen in my front yard. And had pulled the power lines leading from the street to my house down with it.

You can see them here (sort of):

Somehow they were still attached to the telephone pole and my house. Some of the neighbors that saw it happen said that they sparked dramatically when they went down, but fortunately that stopped. There was no fire. No smoke. No damage to the house. And THANK GOD no kids on my lawn when the tree came down.

This is a county-owned tree that we had asked the county to trim last spring, to some disaster. At my urging, Alex called them again not too long ago, asking them come back out to cut it some more. They never called us back. You better believe they'll be hearing from us again.

Anyway, three of my neighbors and I were standing out there in the wind staring up at the tree when one of them said, "We're the dumbest four people in Maryland to be standing under this thing."

True that.

I went inside to call the power company. Their menu did not leave me with any good options. I wasn't calling about an outage (I still had my power and my phone, by some miracle), and it didn't seem to be a life-threatening emergency, but there were wires draped across the road, so I picked that option.

Twenty-five minutes later I had a 35-second conversation with an operator, who said they were aware of the situation.

At some point later that evening a police car stopped by to put flares in the street. Flares which burned out not too much later. Someone in the neighborhood took it upon themselves to build a barricade around the lines with garbage cans that were out for tomorrow's pickup. And then nothing. I'm hoping the power folks come out to see us sometime soon. Because the situation seems precarious.


  1. We had that really brutal wind here too today. But thankfully, no downed lines.

    Yes, your situation IS dangerous! (But you already knew that.) They need to get someone there ASAP!

  2. Holy cow! I hope you called your insurance comapny, too. Not that you have major damage but they may be able to lean a bt more onthe city...

    Thank GOD no one got hurt and there was no fire. And I thought we had it bad here with a few trash cans blowing around...

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad no one was in your yard at the time. I hope those power guys get to you SOON.

    This wind is unbelievable! I was just lying on the couch looking outside at several trees and branches in the woods directly behind our house that look precarious .... thinking about how I never followed up with our homeowners association about having them cut down.

    I think I'll be calling them again tomorrow ... hopefully it won't be too late.

  4. Looks like what happened across the street from me in the fall. Some of the lines were still attached but some had snapped and the noise and flashes woke me out of a sound sleep. Scary stuff.

    I would have been more worried in your case tho, being during the day when there might have been kids around. Someone sure needs to get out there and fix that!

  5. Lines down is life-threatening, and I would call the fire department if they don't come take care of it in five minutes. They won't fix your lines, but they will tape off the area better so no-one gets hurt. At least no one with intelligence and the ability to see bright yellow "do not cross" tape.

  6. I'm with joeymom. It is life threatening! What if a child touched them, a car got it's wheels caught in them....

    Hope someone came and rectified the situation. It should have been immediate though.


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