Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Day on the Couch

I don't really have to rehash my love/hate affair with field trips, but I've gone on a bunch of field trips I didn't want to go on.

Today was payback. Today Jack's class was going on a field trip to the Great Harvest Bread Company. And I was excited.

I had a shopping list and everything: pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, cinnamon swirl bread, spinach provolone bread.

But Jack wasn't feeling happy. I thought he was tired, so I was going to keep him home from his afternoon class, but we were going to the bread store. But on the way to drop Sam off at school, Jack made some very sad faces and started wimpering. So I made the decision to scrap the field trip too. Partly because if he was going to throw up, I didn't want it to be in the kitchen of a food establishment.

Quinn was disappointed when I told him we were going home instead of to the bread store. "No! Not home! The bread place!" he cried over and over. Mr. Stomach speaks.

I hear you, Littlest Man, I hear you. I'm sad too. I could almost taste that cinnamon bread.

When we got home, Jack went inside while I collected his blanket from the car. At first I couldn't find him. And then I saw him in the bathroom, kneeling in front of the toilet. Poor guy. He didn't really have to throw up so I put him on the couch.

He responded by saying, "I'll sadly sleep here." (Oh, my God, the sad.) He also claimed that a bag of ice would make him feel better, and who am I to argue?

Once I turned on the TV, Quinn got over his disappointment.

Jack perked up a little too when he saw he was going to get to watch The Jungle Book. He immediately started singing The Bear Necessesities.

And my lovely friend H brought Jack (and by "Jack," I mean "me") a loaf of bread from the field trip. Yay me!

Later that afternoon before his assertion that "Cheetos make me better," Jack and I had a lovely exchange:

Jack: "I am blue."

Me: "Because you're sad?"

Jack: "Yes. I need a hand."

Me: "Do you need a hug?"

Jack: "No, just a hand."

So I moved over to him and held his hand. And he put on his "this is the smile I use to show people I'm happy" smile.


I thought he was feeling better in the afternoon before I realized that in fact he was just responding to the medicine I'd given him.

So tomorrow, my morning off with no kids, I'll have Mr. Sicky Sickerson.

But it's okay. Because we'll have lots of time to cuddle.


  1. Those sick snuggles really are a mom's consolation prize for having a sick kid. I hope Jack feels better soon.

    I chaperoned a trip Great Earth last year and oh, my goodness, the smells in there almost killed me. Me and my damn low-carb diet.

  2. Oh these are some of the cutest kid comments I've read for awhile! "I just need a hand," indeed! Darling!

    And, "I'll sadly sleep here," ... could he have been more poetic?

    Yes, they're definitely both darling. Thanks for posting the photos. It all made me smile.

  3. "I'll sadly sleep here." Heartstrings, tugged! Seriously, between that and the picture of your boy laying down with the ice pack -- I'm quite verkempt.

    I hope Jack feels better soon.

  4. no, just a hand I am dying with the squee.

    So. Sweet.

  5. Well, I'm sorry you missed out on the yummy breads and stuff, but the snuggles and the poetic comments from Mr. Sicky-Sick Boy? WAY sweeter and NO CALORIES! Hope Jack feels better soon.

  6. Awww, I always feel bad when one of the boys gets sick on a fun day at school. That hand comment melted my heart though. Too cute.

    Hope he's feeling better today.

  7. "I'll sadly sleep here." I think I just died of cute.

  8. I love the 1st day or so of sick snuggles, then I am ashamed to say I am so over it. I hope Jack feels better soon. Mine still aren't back to normal and it's been nearly 2 weeks!

    And I love HG bread. My favorite is the olive parm round loaf. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. I love that picture of Jack sadly sleeping on the couch with his bag of ice. What a sweetheart! And he needed a hand. Sigh-h. Oh the cuteness. :)


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