Tuesday, March 18, 2008


* School (for Jack and Quinn) was canceled yesterday because of a flooding problem in the church that houses our preschool. A suddenly long, empty day stretching ahead of us turned into a lovely morning, afternoon, and late afternoon of playdates.

* When the mom of my first playdate dropped her son off for Jack's ignoring pleasure, she brought me authentic, homemade Chinese dumplings. I just ate them for dinner. Yu-Um!

* I'm one of Vanessa Van Petten's 50 Best Mom Blogs! Me! Lil' ol' me!

* Even though parents of 2-year-olds (me) were required to attend today's field trip to the fire station at the very time that I was also required to be co-oping in Jack's class, and even though I had not put two and two together to equal "screwed," things worked out okay. The fire station called yesterday to tell our class that they would bring the fire trucks and firefighters to us, causing me to be released from half of my "need to be in two places at one time" obligation. Magical!

* Leprechauns ransacked Jack's classroom yesterday, leaving green painty footprints, overturned chairs, and a bowl of gold for the kids to find this morning. You should have seen Jack's giant smile.

* Although I'm going to have 11 days in a row with no school soon, it's not Spring Break yet!


  1. Congratulations! And great gifts on all fronts. Love when things work out like that. (I'm gonna hafta try the leprechaun invasion!)

  2. All good things here! Nice job on the mention of being 50 best mommy blogs! Also, yum! Chinese Dumplings!

  3. Nice juggling! And I hear you on that 11-day spring break!

  4. Ha! "for Jack's ignoring pleasure" - said in such an offhand way - still made me laugh out loud! Oh I can relate to that. :)

  5. I loved the "for Jack's ignoring pleasure." I so can relate to that!

    As if the long Spring Break wasn't bad enough (now of all times) it looks like SB is going to be home this whole week too (fever/sick).

    Congrats on receiving such a nice distinction.

  6. I love my autism peeps, noticing my "for Jack's ignoring pleasure" comment. I'm sure you've been there. You should have seen me trying to get Jack to play with this (very willing) kid.

  7. Dude. I SO almost called you today to go out to the GSFC visitors center (a.k.a. ride in the rocketships) with us. But I figured you were home, alone, enjoying the solitude and working.


    Now my inner two-year-old wants to know: Are we going to hear about the fire trucks?

  8. Congrats on being on the good blog list! You deserve it! We have spring break coming soon, too. Yikes.

  9. Congrats! That is terrific!

  10. Ha! My kid isn't even autistic and he ignores his friends if there is a video game or a tv present.

    Our preschool leprechauns also peed green into the toilets.

  11. One year the leprachaun took all my son's green toys and played with them while he was sleeping and left them in a pile in the playroom. Kid got a good laugh at that.


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