Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Greatest Accomplishment in the History of Humankind

Jack nibbled a green bean today.

Repeat: Jack(!) nibbled a green bean(!) today.

He ate about this much:

But my child, who hasn't eaten a green vegetable for four years (true story), took an eensy bite of a green bean today.

(Sometimes it's the little victories.)

(Image credit obviously goes to "The Simpsons.")


  1. Very cool! Boy, am I glad you gave that photo credit...I was thinking tha blue hair looked NOTHING like the photo you posted recently! LOL

  2. Wow! Congrats are in order!! I totally get how BIG this is ... SB hasn't had a veggie since he was younger than 2.

    Please share your secret ..... because NOTHING I have tried has worked.

  3. I can completely understand the "why are you not eating vege? vege is good for you" sort of thing, I have that for my elder one.

    BUT NOT MY YOUNGER ONE -He is a VEGE-ADDICT! just did a post on his vege-addiction. Its amazing!

  4. Do you really want to know the secret? He wanted some butter. And Alex told him that if he wanted butter he had to try the green bean. Usually this doesn't work. But today, after a looooong wait, he took the tiny bite. And then Alex put a chunk of butter directly in his mouth. Blech.

  5. You left out the most important part. Did he like it?

  6. No. No, he didn't like it. :)

  7. I totally get your excitement! Did you act all cool like and then run around screaming like you won a million dollars afterwards?

    Cause that is what I did. And he never tried a vegetable again. Methinks I have to think of another tactic... butter you say?

  8. Wow! Get out the positive reinforcers! Green beans ROCK!!!

  9. Boy I must be a moron - took me a minute to figure out what the picture was!!
    Glad he tried the green bean tho!


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