Friday, March 14, 2008

He's Coming Along

I don't get to hear a lot of silence when I'm driving in my car. Sam is always chattering away, and if he is at school? Well then Quinn talks my ear off.

I've gotten quite adept at the semi-listening/responding that many of us mothers are capable of. Answering yes when it seems appropriate, nodding and smiling while I'm really listening to NPR, and occasionally snapping to attention.

Today while driving home from Target, I was "mmmm hmmmm"-ing and "sure"-ing away when I realized: That's not Quinn babbling at me—that's Jack!

Jack, who doesn't make conversation just to make conversation, had been talking nonstop for several minutes:

"Let's play Wow Wow Wubbzy . I'll be Wubbzy."

"I don't like that building. We need a smaller building—a just-right building."

"A bird pooped on our car. We need to wash it off. This is the way to the car wash."

And he elaborated more on each point, complete with hand gestures.


That kid. He's coming along.


And then there is what happened after we got home. Usually Jack will play with his brothers. But it is usually at Sam's direction. Sam says what everyone should do and Jack and Quinn act as his little soldiers. When left to each other, Quinn and Jack usually engage in parallel play.

But today the two of them played with each other. One would say something and the other would respond. Quinn would say he needed a battery for his train and Jack would bring him a ball and say, "This can be our battery."

It was amazing to watch.

That kid. He's coming along.


Which reminds me of another thing. It may not surprise you to hear that Jack can be very particular about certain things. In the morning he only wants an orange vitamin. He only wants blue yogurt. When looking for an "N" in a pile of foam letters and presented with a sideways "Z", he is well aware that "That is not a N!"

But! He is developing an ability to get around this.

Recently Alex and I have been confronted with an "aha!" look from Jack and these statements:

"I can pretend it's an orange vitamin!"

"I can pretend it's blue yogurt!"

"I can pretend it's an N!"

Atta boy!

That kid. He's coming along.


  1. Good, good, and more good! I'm so happy to hear Jack is making so much progress. Moments like these can really take your breath away.

  2. This is my favourite kind of post. Yay Jack!

  3. Coming along, indeed. This is wonderful to read.

  4. Indeed! Coming along **beautifully** I might say. :-)

  5. I haven't developed the half-listening skill. Every word brings my attention, because words from Joey require attention. Unfortunately, I also have Andy, who is babbling normally, just to babble, and doesn't need tme to hang on his every word...

  6. It's the simplest things that mean so much when you don't know developmentally what will be. Sounds to me like Jack is regularly setting the bar higher. Good for him!

  7. 'That kid. He's coming along.'

    Got a lump in my throat...

  8. That's so great to know and read. Good for the boy, happy for the mom.

  9. It's funny how that happens when you aren't looking for it. And then WHAM your boys are growing up and it is SO cool! :)

    (I have to say there are days when Mr. nonverbal turned occasional chatterbox gets on my last nerve and I want him to shut up. And then I feel really really guilty. And that ignoring thing. I can't do it. Their chattering seeps in through my pores. Pokes me like little prickly needles. Pierces my ears like little yippy dogs. Someday I hope to learn the skill.)

  10. What a wonderful milestone he's reached!!

  11. Hi Stimey. This is Jed's girlfriend Katie. Jed turned me on to your blog :). I enjoy reading all about the adventures of Team Stimey.

    I wanted to tell you that my mom is a former teacher who works for the U.S. Dept. of Education. She's a lot of work in the area of educating children with autism. If you ever need any information in that area she won't mind at all if you contact her.

    Take care :). What a cute family.

    edited to remove identitfying information

  12. That's a lovely post to read. Coming along, indeed.


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