Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jack's Other Friend

We have a lovely cat named Izzy. I adopted her from a humane society in 1996 as a companion for my first cat, Desdemona (RIP), and to keep Desdemona busy so she wouldn't climb my wall heater in the middle of the night.

Izzy has spent many years living much like a dog. She fetches (well, she used to), she comes if you call her name, she rubs up against you to get you to pet her, and she slept for many years adhered to the side of my body at night.

A couple of years ago, my sister gave me her cat, Denali. Denali started sleeping above my head on my pillow. This was too much for Izzy and she retreated from my bedroom at night.

She found Jack.

Now she sleeps adhered to the side of his body. And he loves her. For a kid who so enjoys tactile stimulation, Izzy's warm, fuzzy body is a huge draw for him.

Because we have a dog and, you know, children, we put the cats' litter box and food in a closet behind a baby gate. The gate seems to be losing some of its effectiveness, however.

The other day I found Jack on the non-person side of the fence, having slithered underneath it, through the cat-size opening, to harass Izzy while she was trying to eat.

He just can't get enough.

Thankfully, Izzy also can't get enough.


  1. How sweet! What a nice kitty Izzy is to put up with the affections of your little guy! Our cats like to be in the same room with Nik but ONLY if he's not aware they are there! LOL

  2. What a darling cat and how sweet that Jack and Izzy are such good friends. I love that last picture. We just finally got around to getting a new cat after our last one passed away a couple of years ago and the boys are just loving him.

  3. how sweet! we had a dog for a short 6 months and he went to a new home so that he could have the life he deserved... that was over a year ago ( the boys still talk about that dog like he is their best friend (I miss him too). I grew up with lots of animals and this animal-lessness is really hard for me. My cat lived into her twenties until I was safely out of the house and married. I would love for my boys to have a "friend" like that!

  4. I'm a cat lady so of course I think this is wonderful! Cats are very particular about who they choose to "adhere" to so it's really lovely Izzy has chosen Jack. Especially since he loves her so much!!

  5. Awwww. See there is a story with a happy sweet ending!

    Mine would have ended with something like 'and then Boo ate the cat.'

    Can I come and live with you?

  6. Niksmom, Izzy is unique in that she actually chooses to come out into a room if there are kids in it. She seeks the petting. Most people don't even know we have a second cat.

    Kelly, it's really neat to see your kids bond with an animal.

    Ange, I'm so sorry about your dog. We also had to send a dog away because she wasn't meant to live with kids. She spent a couple nice years with my sister.

    BetteJo, you're right. Izzy completely chose Jack. It's really wonderful.

    Kelley, you are the yin to my yang. Except when I'm a yin too. Your comment made me guffaw loudly. Seriously. I guffawed.

  7. my life tends to do that to people.... ;)

  8. A match made in heaven.

    My child has no pets so she curls up with me every night. Maybe we should get a cat.


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