Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keepin' It Healthy

Last night out of the blue Sam asked if he could buy his lunch today instead of bringing it as usual. He has money in his account and it's easier for us, so sure!

Tonight Alex asked Sam what he had eaten for lunch. Turns out he ate "pizza, ice cream, a cookie, chocolate milk, and that's all."

He wants to buy his lunch again the next day he goes to school.

Hmmmm. I wonder why?


  1. *laugh* 'cos his bought-lunch is more exciting that his brought-lunch....*laugh*

    I never knew they sell such yummies in school?! During my school days, the food in the canteen are non-other than 'healthy food' Yuck!

  2. Here in Oz we have 'lunch orders' that are bought from local shops outside of the school. The most unhealthiest thing is a hot dog. The rest are salad sandwiches and wraps, milk and juice, fruit dried and fresh.

    Most kids only get them once a month or so.

    I am sorta glad they don't have them provided here though, sounds like the food is nothing but junk anyway!

  3. LOL! Smart kid!

    UP until a few weeks ago SB was buying his lunch at least 3 days a week. I have to admit it made things easier, but I was worried about his skimpy lunches (he was eating just the pizza and milk, if that). He finally realized he would have more time to eat if he didn't have to wait in the lunch line. So while I'm not loving the daily lunch-making, I am glad he's eating a few more bites. Seriously, he has got to be the SLOWEST eater on the planet .... ugh.


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