Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rooster's Meme

I'm doing this largely because I like writing "Rooster's Meme."

Joeymom, whom I probably reference way too often and who must feel like I'm stalking her by now (I kinda am), posted some answers to questions put forth by ghkole at Rooster Calls.

I decided to jump on the bandwagon, so following are my responses:

If you blog, do you tell people in your family or at your job about your blog?

My family knows about my blog. They were, in fact, my first readers. I originally started it to keep my family updated about what was going on with me and my family. But then I discovered this amazing community, and I also rediscovered my love of memoir-ish writing. So here I am.

I do not tell people I work for or with about my blog, although it probably would not be the end of the world if they found out. They would discover my foul mouth and that I'm tired a lot, but I don't think anyone would fire me.

I also don't tell people at my preschool about my blog, although there are definitely people there who know. It's possible my secret is out, and honestly, I don't mind if it is. There are one or two posts in my archives that a couple people might feel sad about, but because I like most of the people there, my writings about it are almost entirely favorable.

If so, how does that impact your writing?

My readership doesn't affect my writing much at all. (Although I do try to be considerate of others' feelings. And I try not to be too dumb.) I consider this blog to be a chronicle of my and my family's life, so I try not to write too much about other people. I don't feel that it's my place. If I do write about others, it is generally about how they relate to me. This is not rampant egocentrism, but rather a conscious decision to respect others. (It's just mild egocentrism.)

I'm also aware that some people Alex works with read here, so I try not to embarrass him too much. But, really, that's just good home economics anyway.

Do you keep hard copies of your blogs?

It's well documented that I'm a pack rat, so I think you might be able to guess that I do. About once a month I print out all of my posts and I put them in a 3-ring binder. I think it will facilitate reading if my kids ever want to go through it. Plus, I'll be well prepared for when this newfangled internet bubble bursts.

Do you ever not post comments you get?

I think I deleted a comment once. For the most part I'm happy to give people a chance to write back what they think. And I do love me some comments. I would, however, be comfortable deleting spam and/or exceptionally mean comments directed at one of my readers or commenters. I'm not that controversial, so that's never been an issue here.

How do you balance writing versus reading?

I think the question for me is more, "How do you balance writing and reading with your life?" I post when I have something to say. (And I apparently just can't stop saying things.) And I read all the posts in my Google Reader. I think I'm still around 40 blogs, so it's a handleable amount.

Do you think of it as a chore or a diversion?

I think of it as one of the things I enjoy most. If it were a chore, I don't think I'd do it. I love the community. I love the record of my children that I'm putting down. I love the exercise of writing. I love the self-awareness that blogging gives me. I'm still not quite a year into blogging, so who knows how long my love will last, but I'm really enjoying the ride for now.

Do you use RSS to keep track of blogs, or what?

Google Reader rocks. I resisted it for a long time, but once I finally joined up, I don't know how I lived without it. It saves me a lot of time that I used to waste checking to see if folks had posted, only to find they hadn't. And it allows me to make sure I don't miss posts by people I really want to read.

Do you worry about what you write, or what readers will think?

Yes, I worry about what I write. I want it to be of some sort of quality. I mostly try to put things out there that I'm proud to put my name (or at least my pseudonym) on.

I think it is natural to worry about what your readers think. I stay away from saying anything that will make someone feel bad, if I know they are a reader.

Having readers helps motivate me to write. And it motivates me to write things I'm happy with. If I didn't have readers, I think my writing would suffer. Largely because I don't think I would write. I haven't successfully kept a journal of any kind going since I was in high school.


There's me. How about you?


  1. Thanks for making me realize that I need to start printing out my posts and saving the hard copies.

  2. EXACTLY what tulipmom said. Sh*t. Why have I not done this yet?

    Glad you're here, in the blogosphere!

  3. Don't just stalk. Come in for hot caffeine and a playdate. ;)

  4. I have not even thought about printing out my posts - now I'm gonna get obsessed with it, I just knwo it!

  5. hmmmm.... printing out my posts? Dunno. Might have someone I don't want reading them! LOL

    This was really interesting and had me thinking about why I blog, well besides world domination ;)

    I use bloglines and I have over 100 blogs in there!!!

  6. An interesting meme, printing out posts?! Will think on that one!!

  7. I never thought about making a hard copy! Great post :^)

  8. Another way to go, instead of printing posts (which is time consuming and costly, what with the price of ink these days...) is to simply save the files digitally on a portable USB drive. You can save the files as a pdf and you should get all your artwork and photos, etc.

  9. That's such a clever idea to save the posts as a pdf. Because that masthead? I'm getting tired of printing that out. I should invest in an ink cartridge company.


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