Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some Questions

1. Hmmmmm.... Is that bed sheet really bumpy?

2. How unpleasant do you think it might have gotten under there overnight if we hadn't taken the sheet off of them?

3. How much more could I love DC Blogs and Alltop's Mom Blog page? The first has recently spotlighted a couple of my posts, and the latter just added me to said Mom Blog page.

4. How close can a cat get to a space heater without bursting into flame?

5. I know it's cool that my kids want to listen to the Grateful Dead, but is it still cool when the six-year-old is spinning wildly singing, "Driving that train...high on cocaine"?


  1. Congrats on number 3, and man oh man can I relate to number 5!! It's not the Grateful Dead in this house, but Dylan, Ryan Adams and a whole mess of not-the-Wiggles lyrics. But I don't care. Good music is good music.

  2. A kids ability to sleep anywhere is always amazing. Might not have been bad under there, probably depends on what they ate for dinner!

  3. seriously, could your kids be any cuter?

  4. I always tell my kids it's a different word... like "jokin" - just said weird. BTW, both our boys' were raised in a nursery painted in multi-coulored swirls & dancin' bears... coolest kids in town.

  5. Kristen: Oh yes on the Dylan. There's a reason we have ourselves a "Mighty Quinn."

    Bettejo: That was my thought exactly.

    Ange: Thank you!!!

    Imstell: You. Are. Brilliant.


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