Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Pandemonium: Day One

Because we don't do "breaks" at my house.

There was no easing into Spring Break for us today. We did get to laze around the house a little bit this morning. Tooth brushing was a little less rushed and Jack was able to sleep in for a few extra minutes.

Instead of being crammed into the car to rush to school at 8:30 a.m., the little dudes spent the morning playing outside. Quinn crapped out before Sam and Jack because it was still pretty cold, but they all had a good time in the fresh air. Sam climbed to the tippy top of one of our trees, they used a snow shovel to dig in the dirt, and they engaged in some suspicious activity waaaaaaay in the back of the yard.

See, don't they look weirdly calm? It made me nervous.

Turns out they were constructing a trap. For what I don't know. They needed a blueberry as bait. Oddly enough they found one in their crayon case. (I rule at housekeeping.) It remains to be seen if the trap was successful.

Then we had a playdate with WhyMommy. It was great fun and I was even able to send her home with some of my stuff.

After that, it was off to the "Far Mall," so named because it is farther away than the "Close Mall." Many things awaited us at the Far Mall: friends, pizza, the Easter Bunny, a train ride, and ice cream.

After falling into line with my friend who refuses to pay for photos with the Easter Bunny, I told the lady behind the counter that I wouldn't be buying a picture, instead I'd be using my camera. She mumbled something and wandered off.

"You never tell them that you're taking your own pictures," my savvier friend explained patiently to me.

Apparently you're supposed to pretend your kids just badly want to hug the Easter Bunny with no ulterior motive rather than acknowledge that they're sort of humoring you so you can have a picture of them with an oddly giant rabbit in a tattered suit and pink vest. Then you whip out your camera. Oops.

But it was so worth it, right?

True to form, Quinn did not want to get anywhere near the thing. This is him happily saying, "Okey dokey," when I told him that he didn't have to sit on the rabbit's lap:

Don't you think it's weird that he dresses up in strange plush costumes every single damn day, but he refuses to get near one of his own? (And in case you were wondering, Jack joined the crazy today by wearing a cape to the mall.)

The train was fun. Watching five kids ages one to six eat ice cream while two moms tried to keep it together was probably fun too. It was a little chaotic to be one of the moms, especially when two of your children decided that the best way to eat the ice cream was to take giant bites out of the bottom of the cone while there's still ice cream on top.

My family headed out to the parking lot while my friend and her kids hit a card shop. I can only imagine how that went. Chocolatey, hepped up on sugar, and near a bunch of knick knacks. God speed, my friend. God speed.

Whew. Full day, right? Oh, but that's not enough for Team Stimey. We've got to cram each and every day with as much crazy goodness as possible. So we colored easter eggs. With three kids it really only takes about five minutes to dye 15 easter eggs. The tantrum over some insignificant detail of the egg decorating took substantially longer.

And there you have it in a nutshell, or eggshell (ha, ha, ha) if you will. This is a pretty good microcosm of what the rest of my spring break is going to be like. Wish me God speed, my friends. Wish me God speed.


  1. Godspeed!! Keep moving! That is a good plan. I need to come up with a plan of my own.

  2. So much fun! As I read, it felt like I was there....nice post! And I love that plush cute!

    I agree with you on the part when kids become unusually calm, I get the chills too. *laugh* that's the nature of mommy, isn't it? when they are noisy, we hope they shut up with a big bun....

    yet when they finally give us a piece of mind, we complain....*sigh*

  3. Quinn is too cute!

    Sounds like a fun day. SB loves the train at White Flint. We were just reading about the Cabin John and Wheaton trains opening for the season at breakfast this morning (Friday section of The Post).

  4. I loved this. And your boys are adorable. And you have a great sense of humor and an even better sense of adventure--what more could a kid want in a mom??

  5. I had to laugh at the blueberry and Quinn wearing plush costumes but never going near one. Too cute. Sounds like a fun day, but an exhausting one too!!

  6. ahhhhh spring has sprung! Enjoy the rest of your break.

  7. hehe!i'm glad my boy isn't the only one how wants to wear costumes out in public. i can't get him to wear underwear, but a cape? he's all over it!

  8. Okay, I just cannot get enough of Quinn. Monkeys on the shirt, a cape, AND the duck on his head? He is just SO his own man. :)


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