Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Quiet: Day Whatever

I've lost count. I think it might be Thursday.

We ended up with nothing to do today. I'd originally planned a park playdate this morning, followed by a sleepover tonight.

And then it rained. And the sleepover kid spiked a fever. And we ended up with nothing to do.

See how weirdly (and I emphasize weirdly) quiet it was:

I didn't pose him like that. I was ambling through the living room this morning and he was just sitting there like that. What do you think he was doing?

All things considered though, we ended up doing pretty well over spring break.

(Famous last words. Tomorrow someone will jump off the roof or something.)


  1. oh, that really made me chuckle. light sabers, in the sofa cushions. ah, i love it. my boy would do that. he's REALLY into star wars now; so much so that he has to take his 3 light sabers w/ him when we visit the cousins so he can teach them the ways of the force. i floored him the other day and told him han solo is also indiana jones and that yes, he's STILL alive!

  2. Let me guess? Can't be watching TV right (can't be that easy)...Daydreaming! When its so quiet (as you say-nothing to do), he is probably too bored to even make a sound or move an inch.

  3. He's definitely in some sort of force-field with the swords and the light sabers. I'm going to try this tomorrow on no. 3 and see if it keeps him in one place.

  4. I agree about the light sabers. (or life savers according to Bubba) Obvious he just did something very wrong and heard you coming. That's a "I wasn't doing anything..." pose if I ever saw one. ;)

    Check under your couch cushions. Be very afraid.

    By the way, Bubba likes general grievace (not sure how to spell) and Moose likes to be his bodyguard. Neither one of my kids has seen much of Starwars (I tried recently since they love the concept) and they were very afraid. However, they love the LEgo games and the youtube lego stop animation (check it out and search lego starwars on Youtube. whi knew?!?!?!)... Maybe something to keep 'em entertain if you are desperate at the end of break like I was...

  5. Theres obviously something on his mind!! :)

  6. Be afraid. Very afraid.
    And sleep with one eye open. That kid seems to be developing a very unhealthy light saber addiction.

    I saw this once. And it was teletubbies...

  7. Funny picture!

    We had a park playdate planned for yesterday too (the Adventure Park in Germantown).... oh well. It's finally Friday and this long 2 week break SB has had is almost over ..... thank you G-d!!

    I'm off to the OB ... hoping just hoping he tells me to walk next door and check myself into the hospital. Hey, a girl can hope, right?

  8. Remember in Aliens, when the android runs that knife between the other guy's fingers real fast? It kind of reminds me of that.

  9. Just waiting for the chance to get on the roof.

  10. TC has every light saber made. 2 of the same color. CRAZY!!

  11. Yikes! Sitting right in the middle of all that weaponry!


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