Monday, March 10, 2008

There's Something About Quinn

Ah, Quinn. He's my eccentric little guy. I don't write a ton about him, but if I did, this would be the Blog of Uncontrollable Cuteness and Eccentricity because that is what he is.

Either that, or he's completely insane. Or both.

It's not his birthday today, nor did he do anything particularly out of character or exceptionally cute, but he is just such a funny little dude, and that came out in spades today.

Like this morning, when I found him not in his own bed—or in my bed for that matter. I found him sound asleep on the top bunk of Sam and Jack's bunk bed. (Where he is technically not allowed to be.) Not only that, but he had chosen a large puddle of (very uncommon) night pee to sleep in. Then, even though it wasn't his, he tried to take credit for it.

Speaking of pee, although he is not potty trained, and is not very interested in using the potty at home, whenever we are at the preschool he claims he has to use the potty. He has a knack for picking the most inconvenient times and/or places to decide to pretend he wants to learn to pee in the toilet.

And if I try to put him on the potty, he never pees. (There was that one time that he told another parent that he had to poop on the potty, although he already had pooped in his diaper, resulting in a disaster of epic proportions. That was a mess. Oooh, oooh! And there are the times that he swears to another parent that he's wearing underpants, when he is not.)

Now when he says, "I have to go potty," when we're at school, I've taking to telling him, "No, you don't," which I'm sure is going to bite me in the ass when I really do try to potty train him in earnest.

And then there are our daily trips to the bus stop. They almost always start out with his claim that he absolutely must/will die if he doesn't take a large toy with him. I figured out early on that he wasn't going to carry it himself, so now he regularly takes things outside with him only to try to foist it upon me once we're on the porch.

When I refuse to carry it, then he will put it on the steps to reclaim it when we get home. And he will talk about it all the way to the bus stop.

Except for when he's repeatedly saying, "I'm cold! Pick me up! I'm cold! Pick me up!"

Or when he makes me spin around: "Walk backwards! Turn around! Turn the other way!"

And did I mention he almost exclusively wears yellow? He points out every yellow car he sees. And if someone else is wearing a yellow shirt, well, "He's wearing a yellow shirt! Just like me!" Even if his current shirt isn't yellow.

And if he's not wearing a yellow t-shirt (and we have exactly three of them), then you can bet we had to physically restrain him to get him into the shirt he is wearing. And unless it is red or orange or has a suitable animal picture on the front, he will pout and scream until he rips it off or I give in and remove it.

(And even if it's yellow, it better not have buttons.)

He also has a strong sense of justice. If someone wrongs him, there better be a hug and an "I'm sorry" coming or he will pout you to death. (Can you guess how I wronged him here? Yep, white shirt.)

And the main thing that inspired me to write this post? His perfect Quinnosity came through today when Jack was napping on the couch and I was wedged in lying down behind him. Quinn wanted to "nap" too, so I offered him the space behind my knees.

Not good enough.

He spent a good five minutes squirming, grunting, and whining, "I'm trying to fit," as he attempted to force himself into the quarter inch of space left on the couch near my and Jack's heads.

(Ultimately that ended with an injury inflicted by a straw-cup, a time out and some crying. I'll let you guess who did what.)

So, Quinn. He's the eccentric one in my family. And among us Stimeys, that's hard to be. With Sam and Jack in school all day, the two of us have had some quality time together. It's been never-ending amusement to watch him develop.

Kudos to you, Quinn, for being you. (And kudos to any of you readers not related to me that made it this far.)


  1. How cute is he!!!


  2. Unbelieveably adorable kid! With a boy that is every ready to suprise you with his words and actions, ain't you glad you'll never be bored? *wink* Hey, you are a very blessed mommy.

  3. I don't know any of your kids really, but if I had to pick (I can do that because I'm not their mom), I really think Quinn is the coolest. He reminds me of my Moosie... that cuteness, those cheeks, and all that eccentric wonderfulness.

  4. Sorry, that comment was mine, I hit the wrong button..

  5. Well, with a teaser line like "Blog of Uncontrollable Cuteness and Eccentricity" how could I NOT read, right?!

    He's something else, that cutie!

  6. He is extremely cute. Thank you all for agreeing. And I am so blessed (to have all three of them.)

    Yep, that Quinn, he does have some charisma.

  7. Adorable cuteness! He is his own person!

  8. My firstborn was that way about green. I finally bought a pack of green fabric dye and did his white shoes, his white socks, his white shirts, etc. When I was pregnant with my secondborn, I could actually DOZE OFF briefly while my firstborn examined the Green page in the colors book.

  9. I love this post. Your guy's personality & your love for him are crystal clear. It reminds me so much of the one time eons ago when I met you IRL and you were expecting #3 and so stoked and beautiful that you made me want to go home and get pregnant, right that minute! Sadly for my husband, I probably didn't put out, but I digress.

    My point - you are a great mom and I hope to always honor my kids' individualities as much as you do yours.


  10. I'm not a kid fan, but I loved this post. You and Quinn sound adorable. Mostly because I know the kid's not mine, and if I knew him/you, I'd be able to soak up his cuteness, laugh, and foist him back on to you when I had my fill.

  11. I'm a BIG Quinn fan! I love the cape and the duck-head and the things he just HAS to do! He's fun and darned adorable besides. How could somebody NOT be a Quinn fan?

    He wanted to take credit for the pee? See? Gotta love that kid. :)


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