Truthiness, Mitigated by Good Hair

I’m sure many of you are aware of the truthiness project that’s sweeping the blogosphere these days. I wasn’t going to participate because, well…see for yourself:

I hadn’t even gotten out of bed when I took that photo. That’s some real honest motherfucking truthiness right there. (Although I did digitally remove my red-eye.)

I will now try to offset that photo by offering a more put together one:

I cheated on my hairstylist today with one recommended by KC. This isn’t a great photo. It looks better in person. It looks really pretty in person. It looks, according to Alex, “less frazzled than before.”

13 thoughts on “Truthiness, Mitigated by Good Hair

  1. Happy Easter! You have awesome bedhead. You should share it with the world more often. Maybe even take it on date night one time.

  2. I still haven’t seen anyone with an extra chin or as old as me participating in this one. Sigh-h-h. Yeah, you youngins look great in the morning.

    Just wait. :)

  3. Oooh I lurve the just got outta bed look. Unfortunately I look like that more often than not lately :)

    Purdy girl, will you be my blog crush?

  4. Oh, you guys! Thank you all. Although if I stop brushing my hair completely, I’m going to have to blame all of you!

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