Thursday, March 13, 2008

Young Love

There is a girl, L, at Sam's school that he LOVES. He's always talking about her.

The first I heard of her was last week when he got off the bus very carefully holding a scrap of paper with her name and her phone number on it.

(Way to go, dude!)

The next day he brought home two more scraps of paper with other phone numbers on them. These were the numbers of other friends. I guess this is the new thing the kids are doing&#8212giving their phone numbers to each other.

Yesterday the phone rang and a voice said, "Is Sam there?"

Oooh, his first phone call. I put the phone on speaker and carried it to Sam. It was M, a friend that sits at Sam's table at school. They compared types and genders of siblings and then said goodbye. Oh. Cute.

At least I know that Sam knows his telephone number.

Today, because Jack was sick, my friend and neighbor picked Sam up from the bus stop, kept him for a playdate, and then walked him home. Thanks for sending him home with the backpack full of rocks, I mean, space boulders, by the way.

First thing after walking in, he asked if he could call L.

I coached Sam on how to politely ask for his friend and what to do if the answering machine picked up. "Please let them be cool. Please let them be cool," I thought to myself as I helped Sam dial the number. Then I put it on speaker.

The guy who answered sounded as amused as I felt when Sam asked for L.

When L got on the phone Sam was a little nonplussed as to what to say. I coached him a little bit and he repeated what I whispered into his ear into the phone. L sounded delighted that Sam had called. Sam broke from script long enough to tell L about his playdate.

Then L asked, "Why are you calling?"

Sam looked at me and shrugged.

I whispered, "Tell her you called to say hi."

Sam said, "I called to say hi"

There was a little more stilted conversation and then I told him, "Say goodbye."

He said, "Goodbye.

L said, "Goodbye."

And they hung up.

I suppose this is only the beginning. What am I going to do if when he insists on talking on the phone all day so that I can't?


  1. Way to go, Stud! Er, um, I mean Dude! That was precious.

  2. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest thing I've read in a long time...

    What a sweetie!!

  3. you get him MSN or myspace...

    Bwaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa!!

    Seriously, that is so cute!!

  4. *laugh* What a mommy! So sweet!

  5. How long till he asks for his own cell phone!?

  6. Sorry about the boulders. I had no idea my yard was so exotic and exciting.

  7. Sounds like you've got yourself a little Stud Muffin in-the-making there.

  8. Oh don't worry - by then he'll have his own cell phone. No problem.

  9. He'll have his own cell or you will just go with the old "kids' line" and "parents' line" solution. Although, I can remember that as a teenager, I still called that "parents' line" when the "kids' line" was busy . . . so maybe in the end they just take over.


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