Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Izzy the Cat, by Sam. Medium: Marker on Torso.

At least it's kind of art, instead of just random squiggles.

I'm taking bets on how old he'll be when he gets his first tattoo.


Oh, and hey! If you live anywhere near Palo Alto, Jill Asher, one of the founders of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog (and DC, and Chicago, and NYC, and you get the picture) has organized a bone marrow drive for this Saturday (April 19). You can get all the details here. You, little ol' you, could save a life.


  1. Love it!!!!!!


  2. Oh my goodness, it is GORGEOUS!!! He is quite the artist! Frame that photo. :)

  3. Wow, that's pretty impressive actually! And I'm thinking as soon as he saves up enough allowance for are in big trouble! ;-)

  4. oh...the sign is coming...tatoo...

    Till this day, I am still not too supportive of permanent prints on the body, its painful afterall, and its known to be addictive, so even one tiny tatoo can develop into a body of pictures and words.

    maybe I'm too old fashion...

  5. ... and drawing on yourself like that isn't too easy - he is a talented little guy!


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