Friday, April 25, 2008

The Museum of Modern Sam

There was an exhibit at one of our local malls this week featuring artwork by select kids from area schools. That's Sam's gorgeous selection to the left.

We toured the exhibition after a semi-disastrous stop at the museum cafe, otherwise known as Sbarro.

Sam was pretty proud. As was I.

Incidentally, a complete stranger passing by convinced him to pose this way.


  1. The young artiste - adorable! He looks really proud and that painting is a framer. Have a great weekend with your guys.

  2. Wow, he's getting to be quite the artist... in an artistic family! Beautiful!

  3. That guy in the Houston t-shirt is quite the wonderful artist! YM

  4. Way cool! Now, flash forward twenty years and picture him in a tux, the pizza is replaced by a glass of champaigne, and the mall replaced by a trendy gallery...

  5. awesome! Congrats Sam, you are an art-ee-st!

  6. I have a painting in my living room (for which I paid big bucks) that looks like Sam could have done it!


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