Thursday, April 24, 2008

The New Purple $5 Bill & Other Things...

I found this:

in my pocket and I was all ready to call the authorities to let them know that I had been passed counterfeit money by either the most incompetent or the most carefree counterfeiters ever. Then I checked the internet only to find that the government is adding purple to our $5 bills.

I got nothing against purple, but really?

And, um, did I commit a federal crime by putting my money in a scanner/copier?


Discussing Autism says I'm one of the best autism blogs! I would like to say thank you and also to stagger around a little bit because of the excellent company I am in.


Parenting really IS awesome:

"I love my mother because she cooks me good food. She also plays games with me. My mother is very beautiful."


  1. so beautiful!

  2. I know you're trying to cut down on clutter in your home, but please promise to never throw away Sam's beautiful essay. I'm an English professor, and I grade this one an A+! He's not only a wonderful writer (good genes), he's got great taste!


    P.S. Congrats on your blog getting recognized ... but no real surprise there. You rock!

  3. That essay? Awesome.

    That purple? Not so much.

  4. I haven't seen the purple money yet. That is interesting I have to say!!

    And how sweet is that paper!! I bet that melted your heart.

  5. Smart little guy. And observant. You are beautiful.

  6. I absolutely can't wait for the day I get a letter like that - it melts my heart!

  7. OK? What good food? The only evidence I've seen is the burnt pork chop thing. :P If he's like my boys, frozen pizza is the "good food" !!!

    And why are they messing with the money? It's just wrong. President heads are not supposed to be that big either... And the various sizes, things off center... the money design drives me bonkers.

  8. Those pork chops are going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

  9. And, um, did I commit a federal crime by putting my money in a scanner/copier?

    Only if you make the picture life-sized.

    See you all tomorrow! Hooray!

  10. Yes, you're beautiful, and I had the same reaction to that purple money. If that doesn't look fake, nothing does.

  11. I took a double take at the new purple 5 dollar bill too!

    My son thinks it's VERY cool :)

    Congrats on the recognition from other blogs,

    but especially from your son- that is priceless!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. So didn't need the translation (unlike my own's lovely essays). Obviously a gifted and insightful boy.

    Helpful Hint: I only save three-dimensional schoolwork in its original form (like artwork, etc.). All the rest I scan & save on a CD - one for each school year.

  13. I would frame it! (Not the $5 bill.)

    Awesome on all fronts (Not the $5 bill.)

    p.s. I tagged you. (Not the $5 bill.)

  14. Yes you are awesome. We all knew it!

    And beautiful too :)

  15. Aww. That's great!

    We were just informed that our first graders wrote notes to enter in the town's annual Mother of the Year contest. I can only imagine what she wrote...

  16. it's things like that essay that make this whole crazy motherhood thing worthwhile huh? wow. that's the best ever.

  17. Hey, No problem! Congrats on making the list!

  18. The praise from the autism site is great, but Sam's praise is even better. What a great little guy.


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