Please Help. For the Love of God and All That is Good in the World, Help Me.

You guys, I am desperate. I got off an airplane EIGHT days ago and my ears still have not cleared.

Decongestant didn’t work.

Plugging my nose and blowing didn’t work.

Yawning didn’t work.

Ear drops to rid my ears of wax didn’t work.

Waiting eight days for them to clear all by themselves definitely didn’t work.

I NEED my ears to clear. I am about a day away from trying ear candling, which, as far as I can tell, mainly seems to involve lighting a candle and jamming it in my ear.


25 thoughts on “Please Help. For the Love of God and All That is Good in the World, Help Me.

  1. Sounds like you have a retracted ear drum, which can be pretty annoying if it lasts for a long time. You could try plugging one nostril at the time and blowing out of the other one as hard as you can while straining kind of like you have to poop really badly…or, say push out a baby…A little graphic I know, and it’s not a quick fix, but if you keep doing it several times a day, eventually you ears will feel better!! Hope you get it taken care of!!

  2. when my ears get clogged, the only thing that ever helps is one of those ear syringes filled with warm water squirted with pressure into the canal. but i wouldn’t do that if you think you may have a ruptured eardrum.

    how about a doctor? ;)

  3. Heidi, I tried what you suggested without realizing that I might need a tissue. Duh. I am going to keep trying though. And I’m going to use that ear syringe too.

  4. All of these suggestions sound really painful. And I don’t have any helpful advice. But I did want to tell you that this happens to my husband, and thanks to you, I will believe him from now on and not just think that he’s being a whiny hypochondriac. Also, I will never again tell him to chew gum on the airplane. Last time I tried that I thought we were going to have a trailer park throw down in the aisle, as he felt I was belittling his pain by suggesting that mere bubblegum would fix it.

    Good luck!

  5. Adriane, this is definitely real. But I wouldn’t completely throw out the possibility that I am a whiny hypochondriac.

  6. I’ve had this happen twice and I can’t for the life of me remember if anything worked? It went on for days and days, and then the ringing and feeling like I was underwater. Eventually if did go away though.

    I’m so sorry…

  7. You may be forced to spend the rest of your life on a plane. Obviously, getting off the plane was the beginning of your problems.

  8. I’m thinking Dr. too. The last time my ears were clogged like that I ended up with the worst ear infection of my adult life.

  9. My dad had this problem a few months ago, but hadn’t been on a plane. He went to a doctor – which is like getting a cat into a hot tub – and is better now. I vote doctor. Or just throw a cat in a hot tub, that could be funny.

  10. Hey, I have chronic ear problems (which involve, grossly, an overabundance of wax)… I think you should get thee to an ENT and have him take a look or at least irrigate your ears. I advise you NOT to do the ear candling. It won’t do anything except burn your hair.

  11. My only experience with this was 2 years ago when we flew to Mexico. My ear plugged up on the plane & 5 days later was still plugged. I spent my entire vacation talking really loud and tilting my head to one side to hear. Sucked! No pain involved either.

    I finally called the resort doctor out of the sheer terror of getting on the plane home with an already messed up ear. Turns out I had a near ready to burst eardrum from a humungous infection. Again… no pain.

    So I vote for the doctor also.

  12. Am I the only one who would burn my hair and puncture my ear drum before I would think about going to the doctor? I know you’re with me here Stimey, you have to be…

  13. Yes, Ange, I am with you. It never even occurred to me to go to a doctor until all of you suggested it.

    FYI, my doctor’s office wouldn’t see me today, so I’m calling a new doctor tomorrow to beg them to see me and fix me. Hopefully without any hair burning.

  14. Oh, I’m just seeing this and I swear, stimey, it is eerie how events in your life coincide with similar ones in mine (the haircut the same weekend, the new macbook pro the same month)…. anyways, last month the SAME thing happened to me, though my hearing loss coincided with a terrible cold, so I thought “I’m going deaf! I’m so sick, I can’t hear!”… but no, I went to the doctor (actually the ER, that’s how desperate I was), and they said “Get yourself to an ENT, you have an overabundance of wax (gross!) and they’ll flush it out.” So I did, and it was AWESOME, it worked immediately (uncomfortable but v. effective). It worked so well, that I thought I was deaf in my other (normal) ear. My ENT is up my way, but they got me in much sooner than any other place I called. Let me know if you want the #.

  15. Holy crap, yet another reason not to get on a plane!!! I didn’t even know this could happen! Like flying with kids isn’t bad enough. Ugh. I hope you can get in to see the new doctor! If not, is there an Urgent Care walk-in office anywhere? Sometimes I just go straight there. It’s more of a co-pay, but at least you can get in.

  16. I am with everyone else: Doc. I had the same thing but without the plane. 2 docs and an MRI and CAT scan later the ENT said it was my nose, not my ears. The only thing that helped what a prescription nose spray like Nasocort or Nasonex. Good luck!

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