Saturday, June 28, 2008

Anthology of Interest I

If you set aside an hour to tidy your house and play a game of Uno with your son, don't forget that Uno can take forever to play. It might even take 45 minutes and you might not be able to tidy your house before your playdate shows up. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. What's more, I lost the Uno game.

But how cool that I have a child (Sam) who will happily sit and play a game with me for 45 minutes?


If, as part of cooking camp, you are cooking purple playdough, and you misread the instructions on the back of the food coloring and drip red and yellow food coloring into your mix instead of red and blue, you can fix it. If you catch it before you stir it. Just scoop the yellow right out!

Ooooh, pretty purple playdough!


The ants have started giving me nightmares. Literally. I dreamed last night that their living conditions had gotten so bad that they were desperate to get out and were working together to cram themselves out of the tiny air holes. And in my dream, I had to release them in my backyard.

This nightmare was brought on by the discovery of mold in their habitat. And I'm too scared to open the habitat to remove the mold because I'm afraid they're going to try to escape again. But the mold is getting darker and grosser. Now I feel like I'm running the Gitmo of ant farms.

All you naysayers that I pish-poshed when you said I was crazy for wanting an ant farm. You may—may—have been right.

Nightmares. Honest to God, nightmares.


  1. Oh, dear God! Puhleeeez get rid of the ants bfore **I** start having nightmares?!! ;-) The Gitmo of ant farms?? How do you water-board an ant? (I know, I'm sick...)

  2. Water-board 'em.

    I hate ants.

  3. Oh geez, who woulda thought mold would grow in there? E-e-e-w-w!

  4. Very cool that Sam could sit and play a game for 45 mins! Not sure about the any mold though!!

  5. Mimi loves Uno too, she wants to play every night. Maybe we should set up a local tournament. ;-)

    I can't even comment on the ants, no sir.

  6. I would not be able to sleep knowing those ants were there. Which is rich of me to say considering we have ants in our apartment - that roam free - I can't sleep.

    Let them eat mold, I say.

  7. You should get Uno Attack. We play that one for hours at a time.

    (Because why play card when you could play battery operated cards?)

    xoxo, SG

  8. I knew a woman whose whole colony died from the mold. I say set those suckers FREE.

    You know. In the BACK YARD.

  9. Awww, man. I took your idea and we are actually thinking about getting Charlie(7) an ant farm for his birthday.

  10. Cyn, don't give up on the ants. Just make sure you keep their little habitat clean. OR you can get one of those ant farms that come with edible gel so you don't have to feed them at all.


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