Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Butterflies and Boys: A Quiz

1. At a cost of $19 for one adult and three children to get into a butterfly exhibit yesterday, how long do you think said children happily stood amidst the butterlies?

a) They stayed for an hour, only leaving when their parent was ready to go and with a chorus of unprompted thank yous and hugs.
b) They were happy to go after a half hour, but were perfectly pleasant until that time.
c) They (or at least the oldest one) started whining at 20 minutes, and finally dragged their mother out at 35 minutes, at a cost of more than 50 cents per minute of fun.

(I think you know.)

2. Study the following photo. Is it a picture of:

a) A boy.
b) A butterfly.
c) A boy sitting next to a butterfly.

(Look to Sam's left on the edge of the bench. You'll have to click to enlarge.)

3. What is on this woman's legs?

a) Cellulite.
b) Glowing white nylons.
c) The wintery sheen of a season spent under long pants.

(Seriously. You people let me go out like this? I had no idea.)

4. What do you think Quinn thought of this situation?

a) It's totally cool with him.
b) Freak-out inducing from the get-go.
c) Very exciting for about 45 seconds until he suddenly decided it was absolutely not okay and then he decided that he should fear all butterflies for the rest of time.

(If you're familiar with the inconsistency of Quinn, I think you know the answer to this one.)

5. Was it worth it?

a) No.
b) Yes.
c) Of course. Stimey may bitch all the time, but it's always worth it.

Firmly, absolutely, without a question: C


  1. I can't stop laughing! Stop it! ;-) -Monica

  2. Hysterical! I took my kids there and literally had to DRAG my daughter out after everyone else we went in with had left the exhibit and waited outside for 30 minutes. She wanted to stay until a butterfly landed on her.

  3. Oh I love that! And how'd you steal my legs???

  4. LOL!!!

    We spent about that and Bubba ran screaming through the thing darting from the butterflies: "Is it on me? IS it ON ME!?!?!??!?!" He kept twisting and turning and ducking like they were dropping poop-bombs on him. I knew he had a major bug phobia, but it seriously didn't dawn on me that butterflies are in that category.

    We lasted maybe 5 minutes, $20.00.

  5. So funny. Last year we had a remarkably similar experience except the 14-year-old stepson refused to go in at all (he was scared), but didn't tell me until I had already bought the tickets. We lasted almost an entire 15 minutes.

  6. So funny. Thanks for reminding me the exhibit is up and running, I usually forget until almost September. Did you do the trains too?

  7. Mary, we did do the trains when they were up in December. In fact, as we were walking in, Quinn said he wanted to go see the trains. I can't believe he remembered.

  8. That is hilarious! You know what they say about the best laid plans....

  9. My goodness you make giggle!

    I think I got the quiz right, will you take me to the butterfly place!!!! I promise to behave!

  10. I want I want I want that butterfly bench! Great post :^)

  11. ha! I love it. Mainly because that's how my kids would be. :-)

  12. Good stuff. Don't think of it as pale. Think of it as fair. A very desirable trait 120 years ago.

  13. Sounds like us last year too.

    And those legs look remarkably similar to mine. A "friend" of mine recently suggested I use that spray on airbrush stuff they sell at CVS. I'm thinking I'll have plenty of time for airbrushing my legs ... especially on those days when I can't even manage to put the baby down for the 2 minutes I need to take a shower.

  14. bwaaaaa haaaa haaaaaaaa!

    What is it with you and bugs woman?


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