Wednesday, June 25, 2008


We abandoned Camp Stimey just for the day today because we were too busy. The dudes all had preschool camp and then Sam had a dentist appointment. Because he has two "holes" in his "permanent molars."

Well, fuck and double fuck. I couldn't quite believe it when the dentist gave me this information a couple of weeks ago at his checkup. I also thought it strange that she didn't use the word "cavity."

Sam was a champ. Although apparently his tongue was a bit mischievous. The dentist had to chastise it a couple of times for moving around too much. She also had to chastise me for staring at the blue light she shone in his mouth. Something about going blind if I looked at it too much.

But I just couldn't help it. I felt that I needed to watch Sam super closely in hopes that I could absorb any discomfort he felt. Because those "holes"? Those were my fault, not his. He's six. He's not yet the one responsible for checking to make sure he's sufficiently brushed.

I had one of those acute "I wish it were me in the chair" parenting moments.

But I don't think it hurt him, and the dentist was the coolest. She showed him all the tools before she started, and let him touch them. She warned him what he was going to feel before she did anything. And she gave him a rest between holes.

And then, after I paid and was getting ready to leave, she said, "If you get a notice from your insurance company that you owe more money, disregard it. We're not going to bill you more." Gah?

Anyone need a dentist? 'Cause mine rocks. You may even run into us because we're going to be there a lot—every six months for the rest of our lives. I've been scared straight. No more cavities! Or holes.

And then I took Sam out for ice cream. (Guilty much?)


  1. Are you sure they were actually cavities? When I was little I had what my dentist called "deep grooves." They weren't cavities (because they were natural and not caused by decay) but they become cavities if they aren't filled because they get stuff in them.

    Of course, the dentist could have just been trying to make you feel better. Cavities happen.

  2. We need a dentist. Ours came out for Widget's first visit in full gown, mask, and gloves, clutching a set of sharp metal instruments.

    Um, no thanks.

    Email me with the name of this one? Pretty please?

  3. way to make me feel bad woman. You fill guilty over two holes? Moosie just got 8 (EIGHT!!!) caps on his cavity-filled molars. He is 4. Granted it is more because of his food stuffing/not being able to clear his mouth issues, but still... and the bills for the procedure (under anesthesia) and the special pediatric dentist... whaaaaaaaaaaa. Can I have some of your ice cream?

  4. YES WE NEED A DENTIST. Gimme gimme gimme!

    Why does a six-year-old have "permanent molars"?

  5. I made an appt. yesterday w/ a pediatric dentist who is supposed to be good with kids on the spectrum... if she isn't great, I want yours!

  6. Jen, I think it is possible that they are deep grooves or soft spots. He had some enamel issues with his baby teeth, so maybe this is related?

    Ange, I'll do you one better. I'll buy you your own ice cream!

  7. My daughter didn't get her first and only cavity until she was 21 years old. And it wasn't because I was fabulously diligent about her brushing her teeth. She was could about doing a less than spectacular job and sneaking it past me. Of course you want them to brush well and take care of their teeth - but no blame for Mom unless you don't teach them how - and give them candy for all 3 meals!!

  8. Yes I need a good dentist for my kids. I will quiz you about her later.

  9. My dentist told me that kids of the generation of ours will not have cavities unless there is some "anatomical reason" (or, I assume if they never see a dentist). So don't be so hard on yourself.

  10. Wow, that dentist sounds like pure gold! I hate ours but haven't been able to find another that our insurance will cover. Wish I lived near you!


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