Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Trying to Create Some Buzz

Oooooh! Ooooooh! Can barely talk! So excited! My swag came! My swag came! The giveaways that I'll be handing out at BlogHer came today. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!

When I saw the box on my doorstep tonight I had just one thought: "Oh please don't let them look lame." (They are SO not lame.)

And, oh, they're even better than I could have hoped. They even won over my biggest skeptic (Alex), who thought I was a bloody raving lunatic for paying for giveaways to hand out to strangers at a blogging convention all the way across the country. (Alex, we crossed the lunacy bridge a looooong time ago.)

After I opened the box and saw them I had many more thoughts, including a long (well, not too long, they just came today) internal struggle as to whether to show you what they are.

On one hand, surprises are awesome. Who doesn't love surprises?

On the other hand, maybe if I show you all some photos, by the time BlogHer rolls around, the buzz will have built to a frenzy and I'll be overrun by fellow bloggers wanting to get some of my swag. And consequently reading my blog.

Then it occurred to me that Sarah showed us her swag last year before BlogHer and I still want one of her bottle openers. And frankly, if Sarah jumped off of a cliff, I would be all, "Hey, can I get in on that?" because Sarah is just that cool.

And then I thought, well ShallowGal already told us she's getting us all toasters. (Seriously, if I don't get a toaster, there's going to be hell to pay. I'm not kidding around here. It's not nice to tease.)

So I decided that I'll jump on that bandwagon and show you the swag, but you're going to have to work for it. So, without further ado:

Which of the following do you think Stimey will be passing out at BlogHer '08?

a) A baseball cap?

b) A foam finger with my current Technorati rank on it?

c) A stress ball?

d) A plastic beer mug?

e) A keychain?

f) A luggage tag? A kick ass, adorable, useful for conventioneers LUGGAGE TAG?!

Now go. Create buzz.


Answer key:
a) Not hats. Too bulky. And too expensive. (Not like toasters. Those are almost free, I hear.)
b) Not foam fingers. Too "Hey, I have a crappy Technorati rank!"
c) Not stress balls. I need all of those for myself.
d) Not plastic beer mugs. I don't need to be buying all the drinks. Mostly because I spent all of my money on swag.
e) Not keychains. 'Cause I'd lose 'em before I left DC. And I'd have to be all, "Now where did I put my 200 sets of keys? Alex, did you move my 200 sets of keys?"
f) Awesome luggage tags? Oh, hell yeah.


  1. AWWW. I can't believe I'm not going to BlogHer! Can I have one anyway? Pretty please? The luggage tags are super cute, and you did great photoshop work on the rest of it :)

  2. We're supposed to bring gifts?!?! Gah!

    Is there a rulebook? Because, seriously, I did not know we are supposed to bring gifts.

    (Yours, by the way, are tres chic. Save one for me, okay?)

  3. Catnip, I think I'll probably have some left over in August. :)

    Kristen, I've never been to BlogHer before, so I don't know for sure, but my guess is that a lot/most people don't have gifts. Maybe business cards with their URL to hand out. Regardless, I'll earmark one of mine for you.

  4. Save one for me.

    (I'm sad it isn't the hat.)

    Still, it looks cool.

  5. lulz! Have a good time! I love your stimeyland luggage tags. For the record, I might have to go next year if you make the 'where the fuck are my keys' keychain.

  6. Awesome! I would so love to go and meet other bloggers. Sounds like fun!

  7. Love the luggage tags.

    But then, I also liked the hat, the keychain, the stress balls, and the beer mugs. I'm not into those finger things.

    Wish I was going to Blogher. But I have to sit around here looking frantically for my keys while not killing my kids.

  8. Sweet.

    The SVMoms bags ain't got no Stimey luggage tags in 'em.

    I haven't even ordered cards.

  9. wait, what about us unable to make blogher., how do we get one ??

  10. For non-conventioneers? Hmmmm...contests, lots of contests. I'm going to have fun giving away my leftovers!

  11. Gah, why why why am I not going to BlogHer??? Jealous doesn't touch it. The luggage tags look great, what a good idea!!!

  12. wow, I am such a blog-loser. I have no swag... apparently I am a blog baller or something like that...

    Guess I better stop blogcrastinating since I will never be the blogebrity that you are going to be. Unfortunately I am suffering from blogstipation... lord I need help, someone block the damn urban dictionary

  13. Damn, I love that foam finger, but I'll still hope you'll bless me w/ a luggage tag at BH :)

  14. Relax Stimey. The toasters had a minimum order of 10,000. Plenty to go around.

    xoxo, SG

  15. Love 'em!! Any chance you'll do a giveaway or 100 to those of us not lucky enough to be going to BlogHer????

  16. That is so cool!

    I love that you may have a contest for leftovers... for us bloggers not going to BlogHer;
    Yes, I'm not above clamoring for leftovers :)

  17. Very nice! But how about some
    trash bags???

  18. Duh. It had to be either the hat or the luggage tag. All the other ones seemed unauthentic (is that a word?) There is only one Stimey font (you know, the one in your Stimey pic at the top of your blog). And apparently I can't make my text do that here. ;-) -Monica

  19. YAY Stimey!

    I can't wait to get my hands on one of those tags.

    And I am seething with jealousy that I didn't think of getting swag!

  20. That is so awesome... Wish I could go too!

  21. No one told me we had to bring swag to BlogHer! And all I have are my business cards. They're nice but they aren't bottle openers or luggage tags! Next year I'll be part of the cool crowd!

  22. you are better than cats, i laughed til i cried. i want the foam finger. but let me get one thing straight. are you going to be in san francisco the last week of july? 2 days ago i booked a train ticket to washington for july 14 to 29. stimey, i would have gone to the convention incognito, even talked about blogs. i am going to be so so so sad if i will be missing your trip to california.

  23. Well, I hope I run into you in SF!

    If I get my act together (or my husband's), I might have some cards...

  24. Day-um they are awesome! Totally reminds me of that short movie on the Nemo DVD.

    Can you take a pic of my pic with your luggage tag? Just so I can feel part of the crowd ;)

  25. mother of gawd, I need one of those - please save me one b/c you are gonna run out of those cool suckas fast.

  26. Aw. I was hoping it would be the keychain... Not like I'm going to BH or anything, but I just loved the phrase!


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