Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Jack's House. We Just Live Here.

Found on the outside of our door this morning. God only knows when he put it there.

Click to enlarge.

Mental note: remind house guests that they shouldn't turn the alarm off and then go take a shower if no one else is around to make sure Jack doesn't leave the house.

He's a slippery little dude, that one.


  1. hah. that's great.

    think i'll show it to MY jack.

  2. He's pretty proud of it isn't he?! Oy.

  3. Hah Hah. I love it!

    Lately SB has been writing friendly messages like "Don't Touch" and taping it to various items.

  4. Ha! Great sign.

  5. One of the worst moments of my life (#1 was when Bubba took off running and I couldn't catch him and when I got to a clearing all there was was a big lake and NO bubba) was when I went to the bathroom for like 2 seconds and I came out and heard Bubba screaming outside. He was 18 months old and crouching on the side of the sundeck that is on the opposite side of the stairs. He was OK, but to this day I don't know if he fell over the deck or was just really fast down the stairs (the door was locked, gate locked, everything).

    So while I love the sign, I understand the concern.

  6. How cute! Yeah, we have to constantly explain to folks why every outside door and gate is locked here. We don't want any escapees.

  7. lol, that's great. And I have to say... his writing is really advanced for his age! I don't think my second grader could spell "welcome" correctly on the first try! Makes me wonder if there was an older brother helping? ;)

  8. Apparently he's expecting guests. Are you prepared?

  9. *snort* Boo does that too.

    But likes to write things like 'Get Out' and 'Beware'

    Love the finger sticking out of the hole in the flywire...


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