Thursday, June 26, 2008

Living the Dream

You know what I like? Winning things. Especially cool things.

Like the LTDchix shirt I won at Savvy Housewife. (You can also find the Savvy Housewife at BlondeMomBlog.)

See how cool it is?

And if you look closely at the graphic, which I've, ahem, borrowed here, you'll see that the picture on the shirt could actually be of me and my family.

That's Quinn throwing the soccer ball, Sam grimacing about some perceived injustice, and Jack in the back seat plotting about world domination and brandishing a hockey stick and a baseball bat.

And I'm driving the minivan with my hair askew.

Totally. Living. The. Dream.

Like the shirt? You can find it at and at their Cafe Press shop. And if you want 15% off any t-shirt, hurry over to and enter coupon code "14blog".

Thank you, BlondeMom and LTDchix!


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