Monday, June 9, 2008

May I Present the Graduates...

I have been so busy lately. Part of what has been keeping me busy is the sheer number of end-of-the-school year activities that are taking place at all three of the schools my children attend. It's ridiculous really. But mixed in with some of the less exciting parent-involvement-requested activities have been some really cool ones.

For instance, the day that all the county schools were closed (the day after a tree branch fell on my head as I waited in a torrential downpour to pick Sam up at the bus stop), Jack and Quinn's preschool went against their policy and opened school so the four-year-olds could graduate.

Jack was so damn proud. He smiled, he sat with minimal fidgeting, he sang the songs the class had practiced, he did the motions for the songs, he ate ALL the cheese laid out at the reception after.

It was awesome.

And then, the next day, even though he still has school through Thursday, Sam graduated.

This graduation was cool too. Sam was also proud. In a more blase, cool-kindergartener-kid sort of way. After the graduation, we were allowed to take our kids home or they could go back to class. Sam didn't even say goodbye on his way back to class.

Should we lay bets on whether he'll make me park a block away next year so I won't embarrass him by dropping him off?

Oh, yeah, and my sadly neglected third child successfully completed his first year of schooling as well. And celebrated by playing in the mud.

I'm hoping the lazy days of summer come sooner rather than later.


  1. They look too cute with their grad caps on! And well...mud on their hands. :)

  2. woah, Quinn has a blue shirt on?

    Adorable pics!

  3. It's all those "little-big" moments that add up to the richness of life with our kids, eh? Love the pictures!

  4. De, I know! A blue shirt is acceptable IF it has Thomas the Tank Engine on it.

  5. Love those moments. Always made me tear up!

  6. Congratulations to both boys! Our Little Guy had a preK graduation ceremony as well - it was so cute. :)


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