Stimey’s New Cooking Blog

Oh, I kid. No one would come read a cooking blog written by me, because why come all the way over here when you can just read the instructions on the side of the Hamburger Helper box?

Plus, that food you see over there? Alex cooked it. We all know what happens when I cook.

And not only did Alex cook it, but a good amount of that food came from our garden. That Alex planted. (What the hell do I do around here, anyway?)

He made pesto from our basil, baked zucchini from our zucchini, and added some other ingredients that I don’t remember about. Something about thyme. (To which I cracked, “You can grow time in a garden? I need three or four hours.” I know. The level of repartee around these parts is completely mindboggling.)

The food was delicious. It may not count because he was the chef, but Alex gave it a well earned thumbs up:

Don’t you wish you had a spouse that would publish flattering photos of you on the internet? He’s really much more handsome than this.

The reason for such a show of culinary ability? It was my birthday today. Yep, Stimey turned 35 today. I celebrated by trying to take my kids to buy some free sold-out trains. That got me a couple of “You’re the worst mom in the world!”s. (Not because of the trains. Because of some associated toy store mayhem.) (EDITED TO ADD: Don’t try to use this coupon to get a train. Apparently it is fraudulent. I was turned away when I went back to the toy store. It was kind of sad. At least my kids weren’t with me.)

The kids and I spent much of the rest of the afternoon playing Kung Fu Panda on the Xbox. I worked at my computer until there was a hard part and then I made use of my many, many years of video game expertise by helping the little dudes out. Lazy parenting, yes. Fun parenting, also yes. And it was my birthday, dammit.

Thanks to my friends and family for their birthday wishes.

And I listened to my shirt again.

23 thoughts on “Stimey’s New Cooking Blog

  1. Happy Birthday! Dang the only thing coming out of my garden so far is radishes. I’m jealous. I do have tyme and basil in there, but I have no idea what to do with the tyme… looks like I waste it no matter what kid of tyme you’re talking about.
    Hope your birthday ends with a nice glass (bottle) of wine. :)

  2. I was deep in thought at 11:30 at night cutting my toenails in the bathroom when I realized “OMG, I spelled ‘thyme’ wrong!”. So I had to clear that one up, because I’m all obsessive compulsive like that and needed a clear head so I could fall asleep…

  3. Happy Birthday! You look fantastic–the last time I saw you was 10 years ago, by the way! Celebrate all month is the way to go. I’m a Junebug too. Hitting a wine tasting on Thursday … I’ll toast to your continued blogging success. Isn’t it about time for the SF outing? Rock on, Stimey! Love to all four boys –Zoomer

    P.S. (Big news–I’m on Facebook and having a blast!)

  4. Happy Birthday from college chum S! I celebrated by going to the wedding of another college chum of ours (T) yesterday. I’m glad to see you have from progressed from the Mario Car days (GO PEACH!) You rock Stimey, I miss you. Note how I am now so blog savvy to use your discreet conventions. Hell, discreet is practically my middle name.

  5. Happy Birthday, Stimey! Whoo-hoo! I am so jealous of your garden … how come I haven’t seen anything grow in mine yet but leaves?

  6. Happy Birthday ! How on earth do you already have a zucchini? I don’t even have flowers yet!

    xoxo, SG

  7. Wow, who knew our garden was so premature. I’ll have to tell Alex that the internet is proud of him. I don’t like dirt and bugs, so I don’t know his secret.

    Ange, I am exactly the same way if I have one of those moments. I’ve gotten out of bed, walked downstairs and restarted my computer to fix an error like that.

    As for being young? Alex got me a card that said: “You’re the perfect age–Older than me!” Nice.

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

    I’m totally buying you a round of shots at blogher.

    *trying to remember what doing shots is actually like*

  9. Happy 35th, Stimey!

    Food looks good and inspired you to do the cooking camp. Have those guys go and pick something out of the garden!


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