I don’t have to explain what a wedgie is, right?

It is, of course, when your underwear gets crammed (or wedged, as it were) into your ass crack.

I tried to come up with a delicate, flowery way of saying that and was completely at a loss.


Sam and Jack either do not get wedgies, don’t care that they get them, or know how to fix the problem themselves.

Quinn, on the other hand…

He gets ’em, you better believe he cares that he gets ’em, and he seems to not have a clue as to how to fix ’em. In fact, a wedgie will send him into paroxysms of panic.

“I have a wedgie! I have a wedgie!” he’ll shriek as he spins in circles trying to locate the problem. “I have a wedgie!”

I think it might be wrong for me to think this is as funny as I do. And I’m almost positive it’s wrong to laugh at his anguish and then post about it on the internet, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything so hilarious.

Who else wants to join me in my handbasket? Last stop: Hell.

15 thoughts on “Wedgies

  1. Don’t feel bad, I’d laugh too. In fact I’m laughing just by the thought of this. You should give him a wedgie and take a video of it. Ok, so now I’m the one that’s horrible for thinking that you should purposely do it. I’m joining you in Hell. At least we’ll have fun together!

  2. ahhh one mo thing in common with us. sass gets wedgies ALL THE TIME. She has major fits about them and honestly i don’t have time to laugh b/c she goes into such a fit that i get into my stress fit as well. fun stuff.

  3. Oh, you mean “butt-floss!” LOL! My boys are mostly wedgie-free ’cause they wear boxer briefs. If you get a wedgie wearing those, it’s because your brother gave it to you. LOL!
    And if he doesn’t know about Captain Underpants, now’s the time. ; )

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