Awesomely Awesome Awesomeness

I’m not quite sure how to process the awesomeness that was BlogHer 08 to write about it. But I’m going to give it a go anyhow. I’m sure there will be posts to follow.

Specifically, there will probably be a post about travel (because you don’t spend 11 hours on one plane to travel from San Francisco to Baltimore without whining about it), definitely a post about swag (because you don’t acquire 30 pounds of free goods without gushing about it), surely a post about certain panels (such as the blogging about children with special needs panel and the blogging as a healing force panel), and probably a post about the emotions of BlogHer (because you don’t spend three days with 1000 women and not have emotions). And don’t forget the parties.

Basically, I’ll be milking this weekend for the next year or so. Sorry, Jodifur.

But for now, you’re going to get the nuts and bolts of BlogHer 08 and what it was for me. And mostly? It was the people.

Which means I have to start with Plain Jane Mom, because I met her in the check-in line, and holy shit, thank God I met her, because she was friendly and amazing and beautiful, and set a positive tone for me for the whole weekend. Although she did take a photo of my sweaty self mere minutes after I’d hauled all my crap from SFO and up Powell Street to the Westin.

My roommate, WhyMommy (who should have done a triumphant victory lap around the conference based on the tremendous things she’s accomplished this year), had already checked in, but the lady at the front desk gave me a key and a room number. Unfortunately she gave me the wrong room number, and after much door rattling and cursing on the ninth floor, a trip back down to the front desk, a run-in with Kristen from Baby Brewing (I may have shrieked, “Dude! Mommy NEEDS a cocktail!” at her while she was waiting for the elevator), and a trip back up the hotel, all the while dragging my luggage, I was finally in my room.

And then I didn’t know what to do.

I futzed around for awhile and then harrassed some of my local babes until they let me come play with them. Once I found them, I got into the swing of things and remained giddily happy for almost the entire time until I saw the line at the airport on my way home.

Much of the giddy happiness had to do with spending so much time with WhyMommy. She is a tremendous woman, a true-blue friend, and, I’m happy to report, NOT a snorer. She was integral to my decision to come to BlogHer, and I can’t thank her enough for convincing me to convince myself and for agreeing to be my roommate. I couldn’t be luckier to have her as a friend.

I met some amazing bloggers over the weekend. A lot of amazing bloggers. These are just the ones I traded business cards with:

Oh, and the luggage tags? They were happily received by many a blogger. And some PR folk. And some PR bloggers.

I can’t even start to list all the amazing women (and some men) that I met. And if I do start to list, I will leave someone off and will feel horrible. (Know that if I don’t list you here, it’s not because I don’t remember meeting you or that I don’t think you’re amazing. I am planning on visiting the blog of every single person whose card I acquired this weekend, so you’ll be seeing me around.) Okay, I’m going to start to list them:

The second person I met was Jess from Oh, The Joys. (She was actually one of the last people I saw too.) And she was lovely. Good thing, because I sort of launched myself at her in the lobby. Other people I’d never met and also sort of hurled myself at? ShallowGal, The Bloggess, Motherbumper, and Playgroupie Jennifer.

I met terrific from-the-teen’s-point-of-view blogger Vanessa, the fantastic Don Mills Diva, Flutter, Maggie, Slouching Mom (!), Missy, Velma, and Amalah (who I’d met once before and sort of attacked after one of the panels). Plus I got to finally meet WhyMommy’s so damn cool best friend, Canape.

I was happy to finally meet Jill, Beth, and Tekla, the women behind the Silicon Valley Mom Blogs Group, which includes the DC Metro Moms Blog.

I semi-stalked This Military Mama, proclaimed myself Lesbian Dad‘s new number one fan to her face (can you say, “Stimey is a psycho!”), and was so excited to meet and hang out with Nina and Debbie.

I met some cool women who know about children with special needs, including panelists Kristina Chew, Susan Etlinger, Shannon Des Roches Rosa, Jennifer Graf Groneberg, and Vicki Forman. I also met the lovely Karianna, TLC, the Mom to the Screaming Masses, the Weird Girl, Lori from Spinning Yellow, and Christina from A Mommy Story. Plus, I got to finally meet Kristen from From Here to There and Back.

AND, I’d like to thank the Academy. (And again, if I forgot you, it’s because I love you the most and you know that I love you.)

That’s it for now. If you don’t know those bloggers, click away at their names. There is an amazing woman behind each hyperlink. Apologies to any Bay Area friends who read this. I didn’t get more than two blocks away from the hotel. I’m sorry. I wish I had had the time and transportation to visit you.

I also want to say to all the women who wanted to attend this conference and couldn’t, for whatever reason. I missed you. I thought about you. I hope to see you at the next one. This photo is for you.

If you’re wondering if Kelley had a good time too: Yes. Yes, she did. She had her eyes on you the whole time:


Also, just to let all y’all know, my husband is the best husband. You may think differently, but you’d be wrong. Alex not only found a babysitter and came to pick me up at the airport (which is nearly an hour away from our house) at 1:30 in the morning, he took care of all three kids while I was gone, cleaned the whole house and the car, and had a fresh Diet Coke from a fountain waiting for me in the car. Thanks, Alex. I appreciate you being so cool about me flying across the country to geek out and distribute luggage tags.

33 thoughts on “Awesomely Awesome Awesomeness

  1. Thanks. It was great getting to meet and hang out with you too.

    Seriously people, this woman is one very, very cool chick.

  2. Awww, thanks Stimey. I’m so glad you had a great time! I will definitely see you at the next one – nothing will keep me away.

  3. Fresh diet coke from the fountain waiting for you? Who needs diamonds when you’ve got a husband who not only remembers diet coke, but from the fountain. That’s pretty touching.

  4. I got my luggage tag (does a little dance) and I got to meet ya’ (rubbing it in for all the folks that didn’t – because that’s a great way for me to make friends) and I wish I had more time to talk to you b/c that’s the crappiest part of blogher – NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY.

  5. I came home and announced to Kevin that we simply had to move to Silver Springs.

    He said no, but I wanted you to know that I tried.

    I adore you :)

  6. You know, yeah it’s official, I love you.

    It was so nice to meet you and I am looking so forward to getting to know you.

  7. You’re one of the people I would have loved to meet at BlogHer. Well, maybe next year I’ll have worked up the nerve. It sounds like it was …. well, awesome!

  8. Eleven hours??? You could have just come to Australia instead.

    SO glad I got to meet you, even if was totally at the last minute.

  9. i’m jealous. of the conference and the magnificent husband who took care of it all. okay, and maybe of the luggage tags, too.

  10. It was great to see you again at BlogHer! Michael had to wake up the kids at 1:30 am to come get me at Dulles. No Diet Coke, but the happy shrieks of “Mommy!” made me smile. :-)

  11. I’m so glad I got a chance to meet YOU! :)

    and seriously, any husband that brings a fountain diet soda with them to the airport is a hero to me!


  12. oh my GOSH! I had such a blast meeting you and hanging out with you! Seriously your semi-stalking was a highlight of the weekend. Emma sends smiles!

    I’m glad you had such a blast at BlogHer and congrats on getting in the NYT.

    Can’t wait to chat over this next year until BlogHer ’09!

    um…need a roomie for next year? lol

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