Best Laid Plans

I had to pay someone $20 today to keep up a membership that, if I remember correctly, has been technically lapsed since November.

I knew I’d be seeing her at a meeting today, so I dropped my checkbook in my bag three days ago so I would be able to pay her.

Of course, I forgot about the payment completely until I saw her at the meeting. Oh, but I’d outsmarted myself! My checkbook was in my bag! I’m awesome!

Except when I opened the checkbook, there were no checks in it.

So then I remembered that I had cash in my wallet. So I dug in my bag under Quinn’s extra pants and three pairs of underpants, as well as wipes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and more, only to discover that I’d left my wallet at home.

The forces of chaos are strong here in Stimeyland.

(I did find a crumpled $20 bill in my pocket. But not a drivers license, which is what I would have preferred to have for my drive home.)

11 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans

  1. Hey you had the checkbook, you can’t be expected to have the checks too. I mean that’s impossible for you to remember both. Luckily you found that crumpled $20. Isn’t it great when that happens?

  2. It cracks me up to read about the occasionally dingbatty Stimey, because the only one I ever knew was the truly brilliant grad student. Don’t be fooled, folks … Stimey is a smartie. But she’s also funny and caring, and a heck of a mom, wife and writer. I hope you have a blast at BlogHer. It will be great to have you back in the Golden State, even if you are 400 miles to the north!

  3. Wow, I think maybe we were separated at birth. I am a complete dingbat when it comes to bringing relevant items with me, like checkbooks and wallets. Or, it could be that I have the items in question, only they are drowning in the quagmire I like to call “my purse”.

    But what I’d like to know is—why can I always dig up that broken kids’ meal toy from a long forgotten hamburger run, or the pesos from my trip to Mexico two years ago, and yet not find my keys?

  4. Yup, it’s the best feeling in the world to dig through the bag cum entire family’s luggage to discover all the vital stuff has either been removed by small hands OR left on top of the fridge by a exhausted adult. Best feeling ever.

  5. Bwahahahaha!!!! ROFLMAO about the underpants! A TWENTY??? I’m impressed! I only ever seem to have stray pennies in my pockets!

  6. I can relate to this kind of chaos. How many times have I turned on the alarm, carried my pile of whatever it is I’m transporting around that day out the door, and upon hearing the click as I closed the door behind me, realized that I left my keys on the kitchen counter. The answer is – enought times that I should know better by now…

  7. Ooo dear. You and me both. Strangely it’s only in the last year that my husband told me that if you’re driving you should always have your license in case you’re stopped. Somehow that fact hadn’t entered my skill set! Oopsie.

  8. Dude, this has happened to me THREE times in the last 2 weeks. Every time I’ve gone out or to lunch with the same friend I discover I’ve “left my wallet at home,” which is now a euphamism for skint.

  9. I did the leave my wallet thing at home yesterday. However, I even stopped back by my house…and left again without my wallet. No trip to Home Depot for me yesterday. At least I figured it out before getting to Home Depot…and no money. My mother always says that you can get arrested for vagrancy if you don’t have any money on you. Man, no licence, no money…I’d have been in big trouble. Good to know I am not the only one out there!

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