Thursday, July 3, 2008

Confidential to Alex

I think I've found a design flaw in your precious banana stand:


Seriously, people. Alex was all a dither for, like, two weeks trying to find one of these because apparently it's the greatest kitchen invention since...well, since food.

("No really. It'll help keep the bananas better!")

Unfortunately, there seems to be limited functionality once you reach a certain number of bananas. Maybe I'll hang my keys on it instead.


  1. Ok, I LMAO at that one! Never really thought about it before.....

  2. Ah, yes! Things you just HAVE to have and then find out they're not so great. At least your banana ripener cost less than the stupid battery-operated-air-cooler-thing-that-goes-around-your-neck-and-actually-makes-you-hotter that I bought at Sharper Image in Ghiradelli Square during a rare Bay Area heat wave once. Fool me once ... LOL!


  3. thank goodness this wasn't a wordless wednesday post... the stand along with the banana seems to be sending some phallic message...

  4. There are ALWAYS 2-3 of these banana stands at the thrift store. ALWAYS. I could have picked one up for you for probably $1.82.

  5. I just had to have one too. Now it's relegated to the closet. Once bananas reach a certain degree of ripeness the banana tree becomes a self-peeler...

  6. Oh that's too funny. I never did quite see the point of those.


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