Thursday, July 31, 2008

Picking Winners

Last night after I was already in bed, I remembered that I hadn't selected any winners for my luggage tag giveaway. So first thing this morning I enlisted my little dudes to help me out.

It's kind of funny how little kids will just do what you tell them to do without questions. Pick one piece of paper out of a hat? Sure, why not?

In keeping with the theme of the giveaway, I put the little pieces of paper with your names on them in Quinn's free hat.

Jack chose first.

Before you ask about the nipple band aid, just let me tell you the story. I came home from BlogHer wearing one of the mood rings featured in this post. The day after my return, Jack jumped on top of my hand just as I moved it, he got caught on the ring, and I practically ripped his nipple off. (And by "practically ripped his nipple off," I mean, "scratched him.") He was really upset and so I gave him a band aid and he calmed down. But you don't take band aids off of Jack. You wait for them to fall off. And this one has been particularly tenacious.

Anyway, he picked The Perks of Being Me. Perfect! She works with autistic kids and seems like a really cool chick.

Next it was Quinn's turn.

Quinn chose Niksmom. And then he said, "I don't want this one. I want to choose a different one." And then he threw a tantrum. And then I emailed Niksmom to tell her that she won.

Sucks to be three.

Sam mixed the names in the hat for something akin to a million years before he picked a name. You know, so he couldn't cheat.

He chose BetteJo.

He was not happy with his choice either. I did not care. I was happy with his choice.

If you won and have not already done so (I'm looking at you, BetteJo), email me your address and I'll drop the luggage tag in the mail right away! If you did not win, do not despair. (It will be difficult, I know, but hang in there.) I'm sure there will be more luggage tag giveaways to come.


  1. =) I think it's great how Jack is the one who chose me. Obviously it means something. Thanks!

  2. ROFL! Can't wait to get mine...even if Quinn didn't want to pick me. Three is a funny age, isn't it?

  3. those are some pretty cute assistants!

  4. Bugger. I don't visit for a couple of days and miss a giveaway? Will cute barrel boys?

    Le sigh. Note to self: Be a better stalker.

  5. I've been reading your post on clutter, which is exactly what we're struggling with over here. Although you've made much more progress. And are you sure that's not my closet in your photos? :)

    You should totally join me in giving away random stuff you find stashed in your closet. It makes the cleaning more entertaining (if that's possible)! :)

    My current closet giveaway is finished, but I'm getting ready to post my winner and next one today!

  6. Poor nearly nippless child. We used to have a bandaid removal issue around here too... until I read this very helpful hint somewhere.

    Here it comes:

    Helpful hint:
    To remove a BandAid completely pain free (no truly) simply apply baby oil to the outside of the bandage. Wait a few moments for the magic to take effect and it should slip off with nary a tug.


  7. Just dropped in to say I'm ticked that I missed out on entering your cool little giveaway, and I LOVE Stella's Bandaid tip!! So cool! :)Can't wait to try it!

  8. Too funny! I wonder who he was hoping to get! :)
    Yay ME!


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