Saturday, July 12, 2008

Things You Should Know Before BlogHer

1. I'm a nervous laugher and may guffaw inappropriately. If you start telling a story and I laugh waaaaaay before the punchline, just assume that I can see the funny coming in advance. I may also laugh even if I don't get the joke, just so I can fit in.

2. I will say, "That's so funny," a lot. Every once in a while I will switch it up with, "That's hilarious."

3. I will blush a lot. Don't worry, you haven't embarrassed me. My body seems to think I am embarrassed more than I really am. So my rampant blushing means that my body thinks I should be embarrassed. I find that the blushing embarrasses me more than almost anything else in my life. In truth, I don't take myself very seriously, so it's difficult to cause shame or embarrassment in me.

4. Speaking of my traitorous body, it has refused to shed the twenty fifty pounds I wanted to lose before the convention. Who knew that sitting in a chair and blogging while eating strawberry ice cream every night could cause so many problems?

5. Also, I have psoriasis. Feel free to stare at my knees, shins, elbows, ears, and scalp. And three spots on my left hand. It's not contagious. But it is one of the reasons you will rarely see me wearing shorts or a bathing suit.

6. If you're talking to me and want swag and I haven't offered you swag, just go ahead and ask for the swag.

7. I'm not as insane or as funny as I may seem on my blog. In fact, I'm kind of boring. Although I am wildly inconsistent, so sometimes that unintentionally comes across as insane or funny. If you don't find my blog funny, then I will be exactly as funny as I seem on my blog.

8. I may come up to you very excited to meet you and then not have a clue what to say. Feel free to step in and lead the conversation.

9. Guaranteed I will not recognize you or remember who you are for more than five minutes. I will have difficulty remembering your blog even if I read it every day. I may not remember Susan, and she will be my roommate.

10. If you are not going, I will miss you.

11. Basically, be prepared to see me acting like a complete (blushing) idiot—a completely happy (blushing) idiot.

Idea shamelessly stolen from Sparks and Butterflies. I would have stolen it from KC at Where's My Cape had I seen it there first.


  1. nope.

    didn't work.

    i'm *still* psyched to meet you. ;)

  2. Ack, rampant jealousy rearing its head over here! Have sooooo much fun and please blog it so I can live vicariously through you all.

  3. Excellent. I plan to stand next to you and laugh inappropriately as well. If we nervous laughers band together, then everyone will just figure they are missing out on the joke.

  4. Wow. Well now I feel like a little part of me will be there, because except for the psoriasis, you and I are a lot alike!

    And you will be awesome, btw!!

  5. I'm just waiting to hear the details!

  6. Bummer---inappropriate laughter is one of my specialties. Of course, some of us dithered too long before attempting to purchase tickets...

    Oh, and, ahem....I might have just tagged you on my blog.

  7. I can identify with a few of those!
    Sounds like its going to be great fun!

  8. I'm with you on #'s 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, and 11. We will get along great. See ya' there, I'll be behind the potted plants.

  9. I have a sister who blushes a lot, big splotches, and she HATES it. I turn red and have a big ol' red birthmark down the middle of my forehead/nose that glows when I am embarrassed or angry. I also have psoriasis and have a nervous picking habit, which probably grosses most people out. I used to hate when people would ask me if it was contagious...

    Have fun! I'd still talk to you, if I was there.... :)

  10. I know for a fact that you are perfectly lovely in real life, and funny and cool. But you did succeed in de-intimidating your fans, that was good!

    Also, I fixed the link I messed up on over at APISS. Sorry babe!

  11. I have your #3 problem, too. Why the hell can't my body be in sync with my mind? If it were, it'd be a size 4 AND I wouldn't blush so much!

  12. Day-um! You sharing with WhyMommy?!

    I would kill to be in that room and just squeal and hug you both.

  13. Me too with the, "That's so funny." Said almost always in a voice that doesn't suggest I mean what I say.


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