Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We Get More Done by 10 a.m. Than Most People Do All Day

I kind of took yesterday off. I was glad to see my kids, they were glad to see me, but after only five hours of sleep (on my part), and general immaturity (on their part) we were content to just hang out and put Camp Stimey on hold.

See, this week is supposed to be sports week, and I have a list of no less than five different sports we were going to explore. And then I woke up this morning, realized I was still tired, and decided that instead of Camp Sports, I was going to run Camp Lazy.

And then my perky friend L, she who inspired Camp Stimey, called me at 8:20. She'd already been on a walk and done some gardening. And she wanted to meet me at the park at 9 to play soccer with our kids.

Well, fuck.

So I put the kids in sneakers, hunted down a couple of soccer balls and a bottle of water and we plodded out the door. (Okay, I plodded. The kids ran. Stupid energy of youth.)

Our plan was to put the kids through soccer drills and be organized and coach-like and stuff, but Sam posted himself at one goal and Jack started walking aaaaallllllllll the way down the regulation soccer field to the other goal to begin his offensive.

So we gave up and just chased balls around.

And then I witnessed one of the ways Jack and I are really, really different. I would honestly do just about anything to keep dry dirt off of my hands. It's one of my sensory things. Jack on the other hand...

By 9:30 even perky friend L was tired and hot. So we went to her house to play in the sprinkler/wash off our dirty children. And then the temperature immediately dropped ten degrees and it started to rain.

And thus ended Camp Soccer.

And thus began Camp Dancing in the Rain.

Which my children did all the way home, naked but for their swimsuits. I finally convinced them to come inside once branches started dropping off my trees into the driveway.

And then I commenced Camp Kill the Next Nine Hours Until Daddy Comes Home Because We Did Too Much Too Early.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading this and you might get kicked out of the lazy club if you keep doing this kind of shit. Consider that a warning but I'm too lazy to wag a finger at you.

  2. Wowzers. Gardening before 8 am. What a concept. Wish I could do some of that.

    So... how did Camp Kill Nine Hours go? Got any suggestions for others holding similar camps?

  3. Wow. That's way too much stuff in the morning.

    Here's an award for you though:


  4. At least you got it out of the way before the rain started....

  5. LOL - I love that last picture - and I can just guess what that looked like when the rain came down!

  6. Yes - I know the dirt obsession well... My son with sensory issues has sent many happy hours sifting through mulch. I've said "Oliver - no dirt!" so many times that our 4 year old neighbor often beats me to it.

  7. ROFLMAO...because I CAN! Bwahahahah! I think this line about summed it up best..."Well, fuck." And your firend, L?? Tell her to lay off the caffeine! ;-)

  8. Soccer at 9am!!!! I'm duly impressed!

    You gotta love rain. Seriously. Kids will play in it almost all day, it's free (so far), and I don't have to do anything except show up with a towel.

  9. "Camp Kill the Next Nine Hours Until Daddy Comes Home Because We Did Too Much Too Early. "

    Dayum. I run that camp all summer long. It's hellish...

  10. See what a good mom you are? I would never have made it out that door and I can't abide perky in the morning.

  11. Camp Stimey impresses me. Most days my kids are lucky if they make it to Camp It's Two In The Afternoon So We Better Get Out Of Our Pajamas Now. I think I've going to have my son read your blog from now on so that he can live vicariously through your kids.

  12. God, you're funny. Do you ever do "Camp Let's Start Walking Down the Sidewalk to Meet Daddy So That Mommy Can Hand You Little Darlings Off To Him 3 Minutes Sooner?" at the end of a long day? I do.

  13. I read the reference to you not liking to get your hands dirty and knew what was coming. Had to use the scroll bar to see the photo which just added to the anticipation. I suppose I should have been prepared, but still laughed out loud!

  14. I am catching up and every post is making me laugh harder. No offense to L, but I would have to screen her calls early in the morning. But Motherbumper, I'd pick up that call any time!

  15. Gee whiz. If my kids are up at five, then by nine a.m. it's almost lunchtime at our house. I did accidentally feed them lunch at 10:30 last week.
    -Perky friend L.


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