Saturday, July 5, 2008


Every weekend for the past two months I have woken up, come downstairs, and sat in front of my computer. Alex and the little dudes have gone on adventures to the pool, the museum, mini golfing, and so much more. And I have sat in front of the computer.

Because I work at home and I'm a full-time stay at home mom. So my time to work is at night after the kids go to bed and on weekends. I try not to work during the day on weekends, but when I have videography projects, it's hard to smash those in with my regular job. Especially when my duties at my regular job get heavy, as they have been the past two months.

Last weekend I finished all my current videography projects. And at the same time I am mostly caught up with my other job.

So this morning I woke up, came downstairs, sat in front of my computer, checked my email, and then I went to play with my kids. We went to swim class and ran errands. We played a game together. This afternoon, we'll play even more. As a whole family.

It feels a little weird not to be attached to my computer this weekend (although obviously I'm here a little), but it feels good. I hope you all have a weekend as stress free as mine is shaping up to be.


  1. I'm thinking a lot of people are taking the weekend off - there is a notable lack of new posts and comments around the interwebs. I don't think it can be a bad thing.

  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful!

    I could have had the same weekend if it wasn't for the alluring pull of Plurk. Damn you Plurk!

    Smootches babe. Here is to many more weekends like this for you.

  3. Me too. I should be outside in the pool with my son (we're in Key West right now - but leaving later today) - and instead, I'm at the computer... Now I'm motivated - off to the pool.

  4. I took the weekend off too, I had to go to a wedding out of town and I didn't take my laptop. It was a little weird!


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