Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DCMM: The Clothes That Shall Not Be Worn

My oldest son started attending preschool six years ago. He's now in first grade. I have two other sons following in his footsteps. Over the course of those six years, there are many things I have had to send in to school.

I've sent lunches, backpacks, boxes of tissues, snacks, crayons, and pretty much any other consumable a child under the age of seven could possibly need. Including about seven thousand glue sticks.

But to me, the saddest thing I get asked to send in is the bag of Clothes That Shall Not Be Worn.

These are the "in case of emergency" clothes that you have to send in on the first day of class. On that day, the Ziploc bags full of labeled clothes will be put in a box in the classroom. And there they will sit. Until, on the last day of school, they are sent home again—usually unworn.

Deciding which clothes to doom to The Bag is a tough decision. They obviously must be from the B-team, because you don't want to waste A-list clothing. But they cannot be so downtrodden that your child is embarrassed in the event that he has to wear them.

Because, frankly, if your child is forced to wear something from The Bag, an already embarrassing event has likely occurred and you don't want to compound it by forcing your child to wear the neon purple logo-tee and orange shorts you sent in.

But these clothes cannot be super nice, because there is nothing sadder than getting The Bag back to find that your child has outgrown the adorable jeans and polo shirt Grandma sent them for Christmas.

Weather is a concern too. I'm sure some parents remember to change the clothes from shorts to pants and back to shorts as the seasons change, but I am not one of these people. I tend to go for a loose sweatpant/t-shirt combo.

But those sweatpants? They are almost always the reject sweatpants whose pockets pop inside out no matter what I do. That's sure-fire B-team clothing right there.

Original DC Metro Moms Blog post.

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