Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DCMM: Summer, I Hardly Knew Thee...

Way back in April, I wrote about how I knew summer was coming (ice cream trucks). Since I wrote that post, school ended, children graduated from various classes, four weeks of preschool camp flashed by, I semi-successfully ran my own camp at my house, went to BlogHer, and went to Wisconsin for two weeks with my family.

That all happened in, like, a second.

And now I think summer is coming to a close. Following are some of the clues that have led me to that conclusion.

* Whereas in May I loved our sand table, now I loathe it. I can't wait to put it back in the garage. In May, June, and July, you could hear me chastising my children to "Keep the sand in the sand table! Don't pour that sand out! STOP that IMMEDIATELY! WE'RE GOING INSIDE IF YOU DON'T STOP THAT RIGHT! NOW!" Now I secretly hope that they'll toss bucketfuls of sand on the ground because once that sand is gone, I can put the sand table away. After all, it's too late in the season to start a new bag.

* It's not always warm enough anymore to pull out the wading pool. Which I am also itching to put back in the garage, by the way. (I crave change.)

* We ran out of mosquito repellent.

* Even though I am still probably the only person who wears long pants every day, I feel slightly less ridiculous for doing so. (I wear long pants most days due to psoriasis and pudgy thighs.)

* I'm starting to think I might have delayed too long in using the gift certificate for a pedicure my husband bought for me for Mothers Day. September is still sandal weather, right?

* I'm soon going to have to face the fact that my children don't have any shoes other than sandals that fit their feet.

* I had to go to two stores,  with two lists totaling 39 items, and spend $80 yesterday to buy school supplies (Clorox wipes? Really?) so my two older sons can attend public school.

* I can almost taste the time to myself that I'm going to get once my kids are in school again.

* I'm feeling like a jerk for telling what feels like dozens of people that we would totally hang out and have a ton of playdates and wading pool parties this summer. Sorry guys. But I swear, we'll have a ton of fall playdates. (Hangs head in shame.)

* I have found myself saying, "Summer went by really fast this year!" over and over.

Original DC Metro Moms Blog post.

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