Friday, August 8, 2008

Formal Apology

A short break from our regularly scheduled posts...

I would like to put forth to our fabulous hosts who let us use their lakeside cottage unsupervised all week, that I am sorry. Wisconsin is, indeed, a land that has internet.

But for once, I don't feel the need to put my life on the page. I'm enjoying our vacation for what it is, a joyful time with my family. I'll be back to torture you with more Stimey-style minutiae soon.

If you want to know what we've been doing, look at the photo in my header. Add two years to that. Although Sam is still wearing the same swimsuit. That's where we are.

Now we're off for another few days to a land that really has no internet: northern Wisconsin.

(How long before Wisconsin really hates me? 'Cause I loooooove it.)

...and now back to our previously scheduled program, already in progress.


  1. The joys of being long and lean .... T. is also still wearing bathing suits from 2 years ago.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying yourselves.

  2. Whoa - Wisconsin must be more magical than I knew if it is curbing your urge to get on the internet. I wonder if it's worth the trip, I have a serious habit!

  3. The neighbors stopped by to say how much they enjoyed Sam, Jack and Quinn. They were especially tickled that the boys had changed their boxer's name from Wrigley to Chocolate! I can only imagine those three boys and a boxer on the beach! Dunkle Ug especially enjoyed this image, having been raised by boxers.

  4. P.S.
    Thanks for the Rabbit (we'll be able to get into our Hootch faster) and for the clean sheets...ahhhh........

  5. Enjoy your stay. We've lived their twice during corporate relocation but never explored as much as we would have liked. After our son was born, we whisked ourselves back to family.

  6. Wisconsin and I are glad you are here to set the record straight. I'm not going to lie, I drafted a comment the other day to the tune of "Whose lake cottage are you going to? Because you better believe none of the Smith/Aanes clan that I know spend that much time away from the internet!" No need for that though. Hope you guys had a great time and that the weather played along!


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