Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Ahead, Make My Day

I was given this wonderful award by The Perks of Being Me. I feel honored that I am one of five blogs that make her day.

I am supposed to pass this award on to five more bloggers whom I like and find bold, edgy, modern, informative, unique, and/or humorous. Here are my picks. If you're below, don't feel obligated to participate in passing it on, but just know that I love your blog.

1. ShallowGal. Or as she is known these days, Le ShallowGal. You may be watching me get steadily weirder and more stalker-ish about her, but oh my God, this woman is hilarious. Please take it upon yourself to check her out. If you can hold it together without laughing loudly while reading her footnotes, you have a problem.

2. KC at Where's My Cape? I like funny bloggers. And KC is hilarious. And smart. And she has a new blog all about Mothers in Medicine. Because she's a mother. And a doctor. And did I mention that she's hilarious?

3. Speaking of new blogs, I want to mention WhyMommy, not for her best known blog, but for her new collaborative blog, Mothers With Cancer. At BlogHer I watched her pass out business card after business card for this blog. And with each one she said, "I hope you never need this, but you might know someone who does." I'm lucky to know this woman.

4. This one is a blog that I just discovered. You all have probably known about Problem Girl forever, and were like, What the hell is wrong with Stimey that she doesn't know Problem Girl? I'm still catching up on her, poking through her archives and whatnot, but I'm finding her very compelling.

5. I also love Sue at My Party of 6, and not just because she is one kid more outnumbered than me. She's nice and funny, and I think she lives somewhere near me, so I'm going to start trying to stalk her in real life before too long.

And if I weren't in a rowboat on a lake in Wisconsin being forced to row to reach the comfort of a cabin and dinner right now, the five of you would be making my day.


  1. I've also been stalking Le Shallow Gal lately. Love her blog. Have to check out the others. Especially other DC locals. I sort of like the idea that I MIGHT know them.

  2. LMAO at Shallow Gal's riff on "House Hunters." Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Oh! I love KC, she is the best

  4. Dude. Coming from a hilarious person like yourself, this is a complete honor!

    And, I totally paid flutter to say that.

  5. Aren't you the sweetest? Don't worry about being the last person to be clued into me. No one knows who I am. ;)

  6. Well, I know where you generally live and I know where My Party of Six generally lives and they are in the same general area. And since I live in the same general area as My Party of Six, I am going to stalk you stalking her. (Note to self: spend more time decluttering and less time stalking.)

  7. ZOMG! I just found this in my reader that had over 900 blog entries for me to read from while I was on vacation!! Thanks, woman! I would be honored to be stalked! Stimeyland is one of my favorite destinations as well! (And I also found Shallow Gal through you, I must check out these other links.)


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