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It’s funny (in a “she may have serious mental health problems” kind of way) that my blog is so up and down. If you see one or two of those posts like yesterday’s or the day before’s, you will almost certainly find a much happier one following almost immediately on their heels.

Maybe it’s not that I’m crazy, but maybe life is cyclical like that.

Or maybe I’m just crazy. Quinn has to get it from somewhere.

So, without further ado, my Subsequently Happy Post:


Jack did so much better at school that I can’t quite contain my happiness. He lasted all day. At pick up, both his teacher and his aide told me what a good day he had. Then the principal left me a message on my cell phone tonight to let me know how well he did.

I feel really lucky to have what seems to be really good staff around Jack.


Oddly though, his lunch came home entirely untouched. And there was a little cake in there. He never would have passed that up.

His lunchbox didn’t come home yesterday, so I’m wondering if he got sent to lunch with yesterday’s empty or much-depleted lunchbox. I can’t quite figure it out, and he’s absolutely no help. He agreed with everything I asked him.

All I know is that he inhaled the pizza I pulled out of the fridge for him after school.


Unfortunately, because Jack has been identified as a “runner,” he is not trusted to go on the regular bus yet. This means that instead of walking a block from my house at 3:15 every day to wait for the bus, now I have to drive near the school, park, then walk to the kindergarten pick-up zone by 3 p.m. every day.

Happily, the school says they’re willing to revisit the issue before too long.

Interestingly, I think the bus is the place he would be happiest. I know they are afraid that he would get off at the wrong stop, but Sam would be sitting right next to him.

(“I want to sit next to Jack on the bus every day,” Sam said before school started. “Jack, you can decide where on the bus we sit, okay?”)


Jack had his first occupational therapy session this evening. And because professionals are apparently not allowed to work with my kids unless they are the cutest women to walk the earth, Jack’s OT is a beautiful young woman with light red hair, gorgeous green eyes, and a nose ring.

I looooooooooooovvveee her.

She seems to be on top of her game too. I really liked the information she gave me, how she worked with Jack, and what she noticed about him.


Sam was less thrilled that Jack got to go into the fairy tale land of OT. He just got a peek at one of the therapy rooms from the waiting area, but that was enough for him. He is intensely jealous.

In a pique of frustration he muttered, “I wish I was…autism.”

Hilarious. I was speechless.


A literal and metaphorical snapshot of my kids:

Jack has his fingers in his ears to block out the tantrum that is occurring adjacent to him. Sam is absolutely devastated that he is not autistic and therefore does not get occupational therapy Jack gets something he doesn’t get. Quinn seizes the opportunity to suck up by chiming in, “I’m happy! See? I’m happy!”


Welcome to Stimeyland. It might be a bumpy ride.

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  1. Yea!!!! I am so happy to hear it!!!! I had to check back to find out how it went today. Our day went better, too! Woohoo, day two!!!

  2. Ya know, Jack is going to have bumps in the roads – all kids do, really. But the fact that his teacher ,teacher aide and THEN THE PRINCIPAL CALLED YOU?!? You’ve got one heck of a great team to work with you in ensuring Jack’s success!!!

    And TOO FUNNY re:Sam’s comment!!

  3. Nah, I think it’s all pretty cyclical. But, OMG, the photo and the description just cracked me up!
    SOOOO glad Jack had a good day. And isn’t Sam just the sweetest to offer to let him pick where to sit on the bus. What a good brother!

  4. That’s fantastic – and you are doing a wonderful job! Glad to hear that your school is being very supportive – sounds like a keeper!

  5. This made me happy too. I’m so glad thing are getting better! Makes me feel better about my son’s first day back at school next week.

  6. I love that picture. Having only two, they have to multitask here. HRH will simultaneously smile to announce his good behavior while placing his hands in his ears to fully juxtapose his demeanor to that of his brother – the flipper-outer.

    I am so glad Jack had a better day!

  7. I am so glad that today went so well and that everyone told you exactly how well it went! I love that Sam wants Jack to decide where to sit on the bus and hope that before long, he gets to do so. *more virtual hugs*

  8. Seriously? This brought tears to my eyes. “I want to sit next to Jack on the bus every day,” Sam said before school started. “Jack, you can decide where on the bus we sit, okay?”

    I love when my boys are sweet like that, instead of beating on each other.

  9. Congratulations!

    And don’t worry about the ups and downs, just because many people censor their ups and downs for their blogs doesn’t mean they aren’t happening. You’ve developed such a close net with your fellow bloggers; it’s normal to share those experiences with them like you would with your family.

  10. Hey Stimey,

    I’m so glad that everything went well for Jack yesterday. I am also TOTALLY impressed with how the school staff, including the principal, are calling to tell you how he is doing. That is fantastic! I dropped by MY kids’ school yesterday and the principal and vice principal were both outside the school, WEEDING! I was “stimeyed” by that for sure! Luckily, it is a great school and the teachers really carry it.

    Do you read Amalah’s blog? Are you going to her baby shower in DC? Read about it on her blog.

    fellow east coaster

  11. Hi, Stimey! I knew he’d do better the second day; change is hard for all of us, and I know especially so for kids with autism.

    And, is it awful that I think Jacks “runner” label is hilarious? I just keep picturing him, looking from left to right for his chance to make a break for it.

  12. Well HOORAY for cycl-i-ocity! Your boys are so sweet and I want to kiss your principal!

    One of mine went to the most awesomest OT place and it about KILLED the others not to be able to have OT too.

  13. yeah for better days! And I’m all about ups and downs…
    ***don’t read the below if you don’t want ange’s special ed advice. I just can’t turn it off, but I am trying!***
    If this is a public school, they can (should) provide an aide on the regular bus or provide a special education bus and let Sam ride with Jack [door to door pick up/drop off]. If you don’t mind doing what you are doing, then OK, but if it is impacting your day and Jack isn’t getting to ride the bus (something he likes) because of his disability, then it is not OK. He has the right to school provided transportation.

    Right now, it sounds like you have a great team! But make sure you don’t get “niced” out of Jack’s rights. I know I sound like a bitter, pessimistic mom, but someone told me the same thing, and I didn’t listen until the school went from super sweet and caring to putting my son in a seclusion room (in kindergarten). I am NOT saying this will happen to Jack AT ALL. Just document what’s going on for your records in case you ever need the information (while hoping you never need to rely on it) and please listen to your little voice if it pops up.

    You are doing such a great job Stimey, and Jack is so lucky to have you and Sam in his corner!

  14. I am so glad things are looking up, but I’m still laughing at that picture and Sam’s tantrum. Sounds like Jack has great people looking out for him

  15. Thanks, all! Ange, I don’t think I have your email address. (Stupid Blogger comments…)

    I can put him on the special ed bus, but I’ve been told by more than one person that Sam can’t ride with him. Or that it is up to the discretion of the bus driver. And I can’t be in two places at one time to pick them both up, so I’m going to stick with this for now. I have talked with his team and they agree that it should be a goal for him to get on the regular bus before too long.

    Until then, picking him up does give me a chance to see the teachers at the end of the day to see how things went. So that might actually be a good thing for the first few weeks.

    I so appreciate this advice. I welcome any and all advice. What I need I will take; what I don’t need, I will store away in case I need it later. And the moral of the story: remain vigilant, is a good one.

  16. Congrats! He’s just adjusting to the new school. And you must be thrilled to have such a great support and administrative team.

    I think our principal is a tool!

  17. You so know what you are doing, and, it seems, doing a much better job than me in thinking it through short term vs. long term and balancing the two (along with everything else).

  18. So many ups and downs, and you’re in it for the whole ride. :) You’re doing fine and so is Jack! It’s wonderful to hear how he is adjusting.
    When my son had speech and language therapy a million years ago I had to bribe both him AND my daughter in order to get them to leave without tantrums. That’s how much fun it was.
    It was the one bribe they knew they could count on every Tuesday for 2 years. :)

  19. I’m just catching up on my blog reading, and I’m so glad I read this post before reading the previous one. That said, even though I knew how it turned out, I still cried for you and Jack and his first day. I’m glad today was so much better.

    I wanted to mention – are you in MoCo? If so, my MIL used to work for the special ed office and then directly for the superintendent, and only retired because she has parkinson’s and couldn’t keep up anymore. She has connections there still if you ever find you need to avail yourself of them.

    All that aside, sounds like your school staff rock. Go Stimey.

  20. Girl this post made me almost cry and laugh out loud.

    Such awesome news about the school, I mean I thought MY Boo’s school was awesome, but the PRINCIPAL called you? Day-um.

  21. I’m so impressed that the principal called you to talk about Jack, and then followed up by putting him in a fun place in the afternoon. Awesome system, awesome school.

    You know that Jack will make it through just fine. He’s a trooper, that kid, and I can’t wait to hear how he did today!

  22. I love the ups and downs. No? I’m so glad Jack had a better day. I’ve been seriously internet-challenged this month so I’m just catching up!

  23. I love that the school is working with you in this way. It’s so heartening to hear because, well, you know some of the stories that are out there.

    I’m glad for you all. Love the ups and downs, though. For SURE life is like that. At least mine is anyway.


  24. I’m just now catching up on all my reading, still, and I’m SO glad that everything was better today. My nephew is in a similar situation, and I worry about him starting school, as well. I’m thrilled for you that day #2 was such a turnaround. :)

  25. Poor Sam. He doesn’t see it as therapy, he sees it as getting to play with lots of awesome stuff.
    Originally I had “Jack” there, because I do names good. Way to go, speech-therapist-in-training.

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