Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Not Sure How This Turned Into a Review Blog

We found mecca today. And its name is Kidville.

As far as I can tell, Kidville seems to be a New York company that just opened a location near me. They have classes, birthday party space, open gym, a hair salon, a store, and Kidville University, which they call a "pre-school alternative program."

I would never have known much about Kidville were it not for a newsletter I get that tells me all about events in the area. A few weeks ago they offered free tickets for a two-hour open house extravaganza there. Knowing that every single class, gym, haircut, or "University" semester would be too expensive for me ever to actually pay for, I decided to take advantage of their free day. That free day was today.

I feel a little bad (but not too bad) going for free when I have no intention of ever setting foot there again. (Sam begs to differ.) I will pay them back by telling all y'all, if you live in the area and have a bunch of disposable income, you should definitely go there.

It was awesome. Probably mostly because it was all brand new. We spent most of our time in the two gym rooms. Every bit of equipment was sparkly clean and bright. There were no rips, weird stains, or bored employees (yet). I kind of wanted to move in, and not just because the walls were padded. Although, frankly, padded walls? Sign me up. Especially if they're orange, like at Kidville.

We didn't take advantage of the art rooms, because my kids are more fartsy, less artsy, but we did take advantage of the snack they provided.

Altogether, it was one of the least stressful outings with my three kids that I've had in a long time. Even though the place was packed, it was big enough, there was enough to keep the munchkins busy, and each room only had one exit, so it was easy to keep tabs on everyone. And miraculously, all of my kids behaved extremely well.

The only time it got a little dicey was when Jack tried to evict a little girl from the hiding place he wanted to nest in. ("How old is he?" the mom asked, a little snottily.) Being the oh-so-perceptive parent I am, I realized that he was getting a little overwhelmed.

Ya think?

So we left the gym area and moved to one of the art rooms, which was quieter and had blocks and baby toys. Sam and Jack built with blocks while Jack lazily spun the balls around a baby toy.

He mellowed out pretty fast, then we returned to the gym room. Because most people don't have the staying power for these places that Team Stimey has (we would have stayed all day if they would have let us), there was less commotion and it was easier to play.

Jack even burrowed into a foam tunnel with a little girl.

Sam was almost (but not quite) visibly grateful that I took him to Kidville. (This is rare. These days Sam often goes out of his way to seem ungrateful for everything.)

Quinn only screamed rudely at another child once.


End of unintentional commercial for Kidville.


  1. Padded walls AND free snacks? Count me in.

  2. AND the boys are barefoot, how cool is that?!!?

  3. $595 for a music class? Man, Camp Stimey was a bargain!

    xoxo, SG

  4. the kung fu panda event in ny was held at kidville, it was pretty neat..

  5. It's the noise level at these places that mine can't cope with [even though they're often the ones making most of the noise!]

  6. "more fartsy, less artsy" Hey now, I beg to differ, I saw their art camp creations!

    In those types of places, Moosie burrows too. Bubba seems to always find the "arcade," no matter how small or hidden it may be.

  7. I've been wondering about that place. Glad your guys had fun.

  8. My boys love the cheaper versions of these places. Too bad the good ones are UNTOUCHABLE.

    Glad your boys had fun. Brand new...mmmm...

  9. I got a catalog for this Kidville and was planning to mock it for that disposable income factor: are they insane??? The membership fees alone!

  10. Kidville looks a lot to me like Little Gym. Outrageous membership fees, over priced classes, and pushy staff. No, thank you.

    We used to do gymnastics through PG County, particularly at the huge center in Landover. I don't know where you live in relation to that, but they have national events there, and the classes were wonderful. Also, they were only $100 or less for a 13-week session. AND, they did summer camps.

  11. The prices are scary expensive. But it does look like Team Stimey had an awesome time.


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