Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gerbil Deathwatch Hot Potato

You may be aware that I'm fond of pet-sitting gerbils. Gerbils. (I had an extra link.)

But no matter how much I love the little guys, I still get nervous that I'm going to unintentionally kill them. Or just preside over their natural death.

(Can you believe how many posts I've written about gerbils? And isn't "gerbil" a funny word? Say it a few times in a row: "Gerbil, gerbil, gerbil, gerbil." It loses all meaning doesn't it? It turns right into gibberish. Or "gerbilish," if you will.)

Nonetheless, Quinn loves his class gerbil, Daisy, so we brought her home this weekend for a visit.

My anxiety about Daisy's survival was upped when the teacher told us at back-to-school night that gerbils live for three years.

And Daisy is three years old.

That's why I signed up to bring her home early in the year. I figure if I bring her home in May, I'm just pushing my luck. It's like we're playing Gerbil Deathwatch Hot Potato and I don't want to be the one caught holding the potato. Which, in this case, would be a dead gerbil.

I'm not going to point fingers, but we all remember who Daisy's predecessor was staying with *cough*Momma Hu*cough* when she kicked the bucket.

(Oh, I guess I did point my finger. I hope Momma Hu stays my friend even after I publicly out her as a gerbil killer the person unfortunate enough to be pet-sitting when the rodent died.)

All weekend long I've been carefully watching Daisy when she sleeps to make sure that she is breathing.

And yesterday, when I saw this, my heart kinda stopped.

Seriously. What kind of gerbil sleeps like that?!

I leaned in close and saw her foot twitching. She lives!

Only 12 more hours to go until I can take her back to school.

Hang in there, Daisy. Hang in there.

EDITED ON MONDAY TO ADD: She made it! I delivered a live gerbil to Quinn's teacher this morning. Thank God.


  1. I also like the word "llama."

    Llama llama llama.

    Hang in there, Daisy.

  2. Oh, the pressure. I don't know if I could stand it!!

  3. I am scared. We are signed up to Daisy sit in October...Is that too I in for it...? I hope she makes it back to school for you...and I hope we are as lucky in October.

  4. You crack me up! I read this post to Craig and I *never* do that!

    Good luck on gerbil duty.

  5. Ha! Daisy looks pretty cute laying on her side like that.

    Having hamsters was bad enough, don't think I'd borrow trouble and bring home a class pet. You're obviously a much better Mom than I am!

    And very calculating as well, signing up early in the year like that. Pretty smart!

  6. It was the cheerios! R.I.P. Peanut!

  7. I love that the Joy of Cooking is keeping the hot potato in the cage.

  8. is is worse than waiting for Luk & Laura's wedding all those years ago on GH!! Did she make it???

    That Daisy has a real sense of humor playing dead like that! LOL

  9. Dude, it's not like all gerbils don't look exactly the same and cost $4 at the pet shop down the street.

    xoxo, SG

  10. Congrats on making it through gerbil deathwatch. Nobody wants to be that mom!

  11. Yay to the surviving gerbil! Good job, Stimey!

  12. I would have no experience whatsoever in making a fast-change substitution on a dead hamster.

    None at all.

  13. I brought home the class hermit crabs for the summer. There were no survivors.

  14. That is one hilarious post. I am glad the gerbil didn't kick it on your watch.

  15. Yep, I am not bringing Daisy home again ever. Also, it looks like you have found a great use for the Joy of Cooking.


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