I Don’t Know. I’ve Never Met James.

One great thing I’ve noticed about Jack since he’s been going to kindergarten is that he’s been asking more questions. The quantity and variety of questions he asks has vastly increased. I’m thoroughly enjoying the improvement. For several reasons.

From the mouth of Jack on the way to OT this afternoon:

James is in my class.

Is he a human?

10 thoughts on “I Don’t Know. I’ve Never Met James.

  1. LOL… I bet you weren’t expecting that question! Sounds like one of those if… then story problems. “If all of the kids in Jack’s class are humans, and James is in Jack’s class, then is James a human?”

  2. I love it! At least he knows the names of people in his class. My 8-year-old would never learn other children’s names…it was always “You know that boy with the hair that’s kinda brown and he wears that red shirt and has a blue lunch box with Spongebob…?’

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