I Think I May Have Given Up

When I woke up this morning, I tried to look at my watch, but it was facing away from me on my wrist and I would have had to use my other arm to twist it back around. So I decided I didn’t need to know what time it was.

Even though I badly need to shower, I know that I’m just going to have to do it again tomorrow, and it’s not like I’m planning to leave my house today, so I decided I could just live without it today.

I keep my medicine in a lockbox by my bed so my kids don’t get into it and overdose. This morning it seemed too hard to open it, so I decided that taking my anti-depressant every day can’t be entirely essential. I have a sneaking suspicion that this may be an incorrect assumption.

I wandered downstairs to find two of my three kids still wearing just underpants. Eh?

My brand new cold makes me sound terribly sick, so I haven’t cleared my throat yet. My hope is that I’ll sound terribly pathetic and maybe garner some sympathy from Alex. He hasn’t noticed yet.

Sam just ratted Alex out. Apparently he hasn’t fed them and has had Sam do his bidding all morning. I think Alex may have given up too. Wait. They just wandered by eating cookies. Yep, he’s given up too.

I was about to call my friend who just got back from vacation, but I was trying to think what time it is at her house. She, incidentally, lives three houses away from me.

My mom, who is living in Africa right now, just sent me an email: “Why doesn’t the little map on your blog show a red dot on west equitorial Africa? You have a fan there who looks at your blog at least once or twice a day. Am I not a person!? Am I not human?” First, are you getting a glimpse of what made me? Second, I think Feedjit has given up too. I told her I would let the internet know that Africa is reading. Internet, Africa is reading.

The number one clue that I’ve given up might just be that I’ve put this drivel on the internet. No, I think the antidepressant thing is number one. This is number two.

24 thoughts on “I Think I May Have Given Up

  1. yeeks, I’ve had those days (weeks, months) which is why I took my first Prozac today. Sigh. It’s OK when you have one of those days, not so much when it turns into a year. Take care of yourself today and eat cookies.

  2. Hey, isn’t there something in the marriage ceremony that says only one spouse can give up/be sick/play dead at a time?? Tell Alex it’s YOUR turn and he just has to suck it up and wait his turn (which may come in the NEXT millenium).

    Ok, if you laughed at the above you’ll be fine. If it didn’t register…got take your med and take a shower. You’ll feel more human again soon.

    Meanwhile, sending you cyber-strength my friend. Hugs.

  3. I’m Home! I’m unshowered too. Hop on your elliptical and you will feel better. I promise.

  4. Colds SUCK.

    It’s Sunday, so let yourself wallow. I recommend chocolate, tea, and lots of mindless TV. Did I mention chocolate?

    Veg out today, and feel better tomorrow.

  5. We have been totally vegging all weekend. Today we didn’t even go to church, which we actually planned in advance. Hmm, is it still being lazy if you plan it?

    Well, go get some of those cookies, and make yourself a cuppa, and you’ll perk up, even if it’s just one chemical over another. Incidentally, I take mine at bedtime, and I have been known to be too lazy to do it then, too. Maybe I should bake them into cookies?

  6. I for one slept in until 11:00 and then hauled my sorry butt downstairs to where Jason had made breakfast. I agree with niksmom that only one spouse can give up at a time. It’s your turn today.


  7. .. and my excuse for not showering is that I’m just cleaning and sweating and working hard anyway. A quick one before bed will suffice.

  8. “Wait. They just wandered by eating cookies.” That pretty much sums up most of my weekends.

    And I have had the exact same thoughts about my prozac. No answer for that – but there have been a few mornings that I’ve had NO trouble remembering to take my pill.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  9. This sounds a bit like our day yesterday. I had to announce to my husband “I’m sick!” because just flopping around was NOT getting the point across. A day of tv for everyone won’t kill anyone. The cookies either.

    P.S. Did you take your meds?

  10. I’ve had tons of those days! They suck! it could also be because the weather is getting a little colder and the days are already getting shorter. Are you sensitive to those kinds of things?

  11. Stimey, you had me at “When I woke up this morning, I tried to look at my watch, but it was facing away from me on my wrist and I would have had to use my other arm to twist it back around. So I decided I didn’t need to know what time it was.”

    That was super funny but also a super good example of feeling pretty down. I too hope that you are able to take the steps you know you need to do to get those brain chemicals to level out. Stupid seratonin. Feel better soon okay? -Monica

    P.S. The lockbox is a great idea. I’m gonna get us one of those.

  12. Ouch.

    I find it impossible to take my anti-D more than six out of seven days. The spare day varies, but there always is one. Every week. How is that possible? And the pills live on the window sill in the kitchen, over the sink. (Where the child could eat them, but hasn’t.)

  13. I’ve been there and it is AWFUL. I’m always afraid of going there again and sometimes I’m worried I might be slightly on my way now. No advice here – but total validation and acknowledgement that it SUCKS!

  14. One third of your kids were dressed? You fucking OWN this day.

    xoxo, SG

    PS: Does anyone else think of Al Gore everytime they hear the word Lockbox?

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