Monday, September 22, 2008

I've Never Cared For the Word "Belly"...

...but it turns out that belly dancing is all kinds of fun.

Not that those two things have anything to do with each other.

When Devra invited DC Metro Moms Blog writers to a party celebrating the opening of her (and Goon Squad Sarah's) fitness trainer Vionna's studio, I just read the evite as far as "wine with no whine."

I was in.

I was aware that the evite mentioned belly dancing, but I sort of figured I would stand over next to the wine and laugh and take photos of those who chose to belly dance.

This was not how this particular shindig was set up. We were allowed some wine and chat and then our hosts forced us into belly dancing gear. Most of the ladies picked up normal waist scarves. I picked up some fancy red, floor-length number that I needed help getting into. I didn't take a photo, mostly because I'm pretty sure I looked entirely ridiculous.

But it was okay, because belly dancing itself was outrageously fun. The instructor, Shaylah, was kind and gentle and fun and worked the hell out of us. I had been feeling guilty for not working out that day. But after I broke into a sweat, I felt my guilt slip away.

Besides Sarah and Devra, Whymommy and some other friends were there. And I finally got to meet Sue from My Party of 6. It was a lot of fun.

Be sure to check out Vionna's new studio, Hot Mama Fitness Studio, in Bethesda. This Saturday they are having a full day of free sample classes. It looks like a lot of fun. And please check out all the kinds of events Shaylah does. I think she and her fancy belly dancing scarves could add some fun to any night.


  1. *snicker* When I saw your title in my reader, I immediate thought "but it takes on a whole new meaning when you're dancing!" I've been belly dancing for about 4yrs now, and started last Jan. at an awesome studio in Arlington I'll be taking part in my first performance in Dec. and am alternating between being thrilled (I love dancing, and I love being on stage) to terrified (you want to see my fat white blubber below a cropped gypsy top!? OMG). So, project loose 15 pounds started in full swing last week. Oy.

    I'm thrilled you had such a fun time. And now I'm itching to see pictures *grin*

  2. My hat is off to you!!!! I tried belly dancing last year, and just could NOT relax enough to do it. It was AWFUL. Maybe wine would have helped! That, and the removal of the wall 'o mirrors. Ugh.

    You go!!!

  3. I actually come from a long line of belly dancers. Seriously. No kidding. It runs in the family. (Though, in my case, I think it skipped a generation.)

  4. Ha! I thought the same thing about standing near the wine and poking fun at the bellydancers! But I'm totally glad I did it - it was a blast! And so great meeting you!

  5. Realizing what this was about after that title made me laugh! I was thinking, "Oh - I don't like belly either - I prefer tummy." Not at all the point of this post... But where are the pictures. I mean I know that YOU didn't take any - but anyone else? I'm going ot check those other blogs right now and see what visuals they have to offer...

  6. Let me know when you have a wine and pole dancing party. I'll fly down for that.

  7. Dude. We have GOT to party with Manic Mommy.

    (I'm still waiting for Devra to come forth with the pictures.)

  8. I belly danced for years before moving to Toronto - wine would definitely help the first time out trying to shimmy and shake. I'm sure you looked damn seductive.


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