Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lessons & Kudos, Preceded by a Lame Title

1. Sam is teaching my other kids math. Maybe that's how Jack learned to read at age four. And maybe that's what they're doing late at night in their room when they're supposed to be asleep. (Right.)

Sam conducted class today during homework time, complete with student participation. Quinn did poorly, but Jack got the right answers.

Evidently I am no longer needed. I am so out of here.

2. Apparently I am uncomfortable enough with posting photos of my children wearing only undergarments, that I feel the need to digitally, and nearly unnoticeably (Again, right), clothe them.

3. A baggie full of these...

...awakens strong memories of grade school in me.

4. Quinn's loyalty can be easily won (by others). And lost (by me). I learned this today when Quinn decided he loved the lady sitting next to me on the playground more than he loved me. Why? Because her picnic blanket was soft and fuzzy, and mine was smooth. He made quite a little scene showing his devotion to the other-blanket dwellers.

5. Jack is hitting a lot at school. I'm really upset by this. I had him write a note of apology this afternoon after school to give to his teacher. He doesn't like to write anymore, but it turns out that if you make him, he has decent hand control. And he can write really small if he has to. And he knows how to correctly use contractions. (I had written out "I AM SORRY..." for him to copy.)

6. Don't think about it, just do it. I followed a twitter link to a post by Workout Mommy. I followed her advice and squeezed in a quick workout this afternoon. I'm so happy I did. I'm trying to get back into exercising, and today was a good start. Because 25 minutes is better than zero minutes.

That is a lot of lessons in one day. This next lesson is actually from the other day and is not actually a lesson. It is more of a kudo. To myself. Please give me some latitude.

7. My Launchfest post was quoted in the Washington Post's Express. I tried to link to the PDF, but I am not clever enough to do so. You'll have to trust me. They reprinted one sentence in the BlogWatch section and wrote that I had a "less than stellar time." Ha, ha. Get it? Stellar? 'Cause it was a space event? And, dammit, why didn't I make that pun in my post? Thanks to Elaine for tipping me off. Edited to Add: Kate at The Big Piece of Cake found the link. Thanks, Kate!

Ooooh, oooh, more kudos!

8. I cannot be trusted to do such simple things as pass on awards. Thank you to the lovely and talented Motherbumper, Catnip, and Whirlwind for these fabulous compliments.

That they gave me weeks and weeks ago.

I am too inadequate to pass these on right now. Does that make me less kick ass and brilliant?

The end.


  1. Where did you get the math cubes????

    I didn't even notice the clothing until I enlarged the photo :P

  2. A nut. No doubt about it. ;-)

  3. You are just as kick ass and brilliant as always. :)

  4. found it:

    I'm not a huge fan of the "blog log" as they once misquoted me and made me sound like a rich suburban housewife that does all of her shopping at wholefoods. Although I will admit that I do live in the suburbs...

    Love the photoshop clothing. I must learn to do that... Is being naked a boy thing?

  5. So what if you're a nut? We love you anyway...or is it because of that? (I get confused on the distinction!) LOL

  6. Nah, I'm a big ol' award hog too.

    xoxo, SG

  7. "Quinn decided he loved the lady sitting next to me on the playground more than he loved me .... Because her picnic blanket was soft and fuzzy."

    They're so fickle, aren't they? T. tells me all the time that he loves his baby sister more than me because her skin is much softer than mine.

    And yes, I think the naked bit is definitely a boy thing.

  8. thanks for linking and YES! 25 minutes is much better than zero minutes, great job!

    That is so cute about Quinn loving the other blanket dwellers! My little one is a soft-blanket addict as well, so I'll have to make sure I always have the softest, fuzziest blanket on the block!

  9. 25 minutes Awesome!


  10. If you hadn't said anything about the photo editing I wouldn't have even noticed. Have you done that before? Shall I go back through all your pictures? You know I have OCD and could/will do it....


  11. That's an awesome job of digitally clothing your son. I love it! I know I wouldn't have even come close, so you deserve some kudos for that too!

  12. OMG, those little math block thingys! AH! I'm having flashbacks! It's like nam again! School stirs up all sorts of stuff for me. The politics of recess, does anyone like my kid? Does anyone WANT to sit with him at lunch. Is it fun for him? Or am I sending him off to Guantanamo Bay instead of kindergarten everyday? And then at pick up, I'm in line with all the moms, wringing our hands, as if it were US potentially getting "warnings" for behavior at school. Oy. Thank God its Friday - I dunno about my kid but school is wearing ME out.

    I'm feeling for you, girl. And loving your blog as always.

  13. Thats a lot of news and lessons for one post, for sure! I love how Sam turned homework time into his own classroom! He's going to make a great teacher someday!


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